Best Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar

Pushkar offers an abundance of cafes serving an assortment of food recipes. From breakfast spots with lake views to exotic offerings, there is something to satisfy every appetite in this temple town. Hugs & Mugs Café is an inviting eatery that brings back fond memories. Offering mouthwatering Indian fare that will satisfy your hunger pangs. Here you get best Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar.

Honey & Spice – One of the top Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar

Honey & Spice is an inviting gathering spot for health-minded world travelers, featuring an expansive menu that blends plant-based cuisine with traditional Indian fare. Offering refreshing smoothies and shakes alongside healthy salads and homey Indian fare, the eatery caters to all palates.

This café provides a cozy ambiance complemented by soothing music and offers a selection of vegetarian dishes. Their peanut butter smoothie is a must-try – its blend of richness and creaminess perfectly satisfying any sweet cravings. Additionally, there’s delicious pizza and cheesy garlic bread available too if you prefer something filling.

Marco’s is your go-to spot for authentic Italian cuisine in Pushkar. With rustic décor and welcoming service, its rustic atmosphere offers a taste of Italy while its Spaghetti Aglio e Olio proves how even simple dishes can become delicious thanks to premium ingredients.

La Pizzeria – Another top Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar

If you are searching for a delicious pizza place in Pushkar, La Pizzeria should be your destination. Offering delicious pizzas and other Italian cuisine in an intimate and welcoming atmosphere – as well as exceptional gnocchi, cannelloni and coffee offerings – La Pizzeria makes an excellent place to stop for lunch or dinner!

Service at this restaurant is impeccable, from its attentive and hospitable staff to an average rating on Google. Family-friendly eatery located nearby the Dharma Camel Safari serving both Italian and vegetarian food with their 12 inch thin crust wood cooked pizza being one of their signature offerings as well as hummus, falafel and unique desserts made with fresh ingredients that boast unique tastes. Book India Tour Packages

The owner of this restaurant is an extremely warm-hearted individual who takes great pride in his work and strives to improve the quality of his cuisine. His role models include his mother and elder brother; since 1992, they have worked side by side and they believe that honesty is the cornerstone of success in business.

Funky Monkey Café

Pushkar offers many restaurants and cafes that will meet any Instagrammer’s aesthetic needs, from breakfast joints with lake views to streetside juice stands – there’s sure to be something suitable in Pushkar for any taste or budget!

Funky Monkey Cafe, situated near Mahadev Chowk and boasting one of the friendliest spaces and delectable food, is one of the most beloved cafes in Pushkar. Though small in size, its food remains deliciously fresh while their desserts and iced coffees should definitely not be missed!

Pink Floyd fans will love this cafe, as it pays homage to the band with rooms named for each album they produced. Serving Indian, Mexican and Israeli cuisines alike – plus great sunset views.

The Laughing Buddha Vegan Cafe is an extremely popular eatery among travelers and locals alike, serving an eclectic menu featuring dishes from all around the globe as well as their award-winning pancakes. Not only will you experience delicious cuisine here; part of their proceeds also support local charities!

The Sixth Sense

Within one of Pushkar’s most renowned hotels – Inn Seventh Heaven – this eatery serves as a vibrant hub where health-conscious visitors and locals meet up. Crafting their impressive menu using local organic produce, The Sixth Sense serves healthy vegan and vegetarian cuisine including Buddha bowls, burritos and thalis as well as their delectable peanut butter smoothie – the ideal combination of richness and creaminess!

Laura’s Cafe, an established establishment offering authentic regional delicacies like Rajasthani thalis. Every bite brings with it a host of vibrant flavours!

Start off your visit at Cafe Lakeview, an eatery which boasts breathtaking views of Pushkar Lake. As its name implies, its pancakes drizzled with honey and steaming cup of coffee are an irresistibly mouthwatering breakfast experience; and for dinner try their Malai Kofta- velvety dumplings smothered in creamy curry! Alternatively, visit Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria for delicious wood-fired pizzas that combine Indian-Italian flavors into delectable delicacies that will have your tastebuds dancing tones – Indian-Italian fusion will leave your tastebuds craving for more!

Sunset Café

Pushkar’s culinary scene offers something for every palate and every craving; from innovative plant-based creations to comforting traditional delicacies. Pushkar offers an extraordinary culinary adventure where each restaurant promises memorable flavours and soulful connections.

Start your day right at Honey Dew Cafe with an invigorating glass of juice or steamy cup of coffee from this brightly painted oasis near the main market in Pushkar. Honey Dew provides a welcome respite on hot afternoons in Pushkar!

At this quaint cafe, they also serve a selection of comforting foods such as sandwiches and pasta, but their homemade cakes really steal the show – particularly their Almond Croissant which boasts both flakiness and creaminess.

Hugs & Mugs is another popular dining spot in Pushkar. Their warm ambience and aromatic brews create the ideal environment for an enjoyable afternoon of sipping tea and indulging in comforting comfort food from all over the world, with Indian fare being their specialty.

Out Of The Blue Café

Out Of The Blue Cafe offers breathtaking views of Pushkar Lake from their rooftop cafe, while their delicious fusion dishes will delight your palette. Their popular butter chicken pasta features elements from both India and Italy while their authentic Rajasthani-style dal bati churma will give an experience like none other!

Laura’s blue storefront fits right in with the shops lining the main market street, yet their food stands out. Their extensive menu boasts delicious options like their eggplant sandwich and energy-boosting lemonades – among many others!

Mugs and Hugs Cafe offers cozy comfort on cold desert evenings, drawing in coffee lovers with its aromatic beverages and mouthwatering comfort food inspired by world cuisines – not to mention irresistible cakes and pastries for when you need an indulgent dessert! Its warm embrace extends even to coffee fans! Mugs and Hugs Cafe has also quickly become one of the go-to spots in Palm Desert, thanks to its excellent coffee offerings and menu of comfort food inspired by global cuisines that is served up on comforting comfort dishes inspired from world cuisines while its cakes and pastries leave no one wanting more!

Cafe Lakeview – One of the top Cafes & Restaurants in Pushkar

Just steps from Rangji Temple, this cafe serves as a hub for health-minded travellers and locals. Their health-minded menu boasts delicious salads, detoxifying soups and wholesome desserts sure to please.

With stunning views of Pushkar Lake, this rooftop restaurant promises not just a meal but an experience full of colour and flavor. Their Malai Kofta dish is always popular with customers and pairs perfectly with fluffy naan bread for an unforgettable dining experience.

Their tempting array of coffees and cakes alone is reason enough to visit, while their food surpasses any expectation. Plus, their friendly staff makes this an excellent place for relaxation or remote work, while its proximity to Lake Boreal provides the ideal setting for sunset viewing – just remember that locals bathe here too so respect their spiritual practice by not taking photos without prior consent from locals!

Nirvana Café and Pizzeria

Pushkar’s culinary scene offers an impressive variety of cultural delights. Each eatery strives to be more than simply food outlets – they aim to become culinary adventures that bring visitors back time after time.

Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria in Pushkar offers rustic charm combined with wood-fired pizzas for culinary adventurers looking for authentic culinary experiences. Artisanal cheeses and the aroma of burning wood blend harmoniously into live music sessions hosted here, while Tandoori Paneer Pizzas provide the perfect fusion of Indian flavors and Italian style gastronomy.

Discover a culinary adventure at Honey & Spice, a plant-based hub where health-minded globetrotters gather for delicious yet wholesome meals. Their peanut butter smoothie offers the ideal blend of richness and creamy sweetness; make sure not to miss this tasty experience!

The Sixth Sense restaurant sits atop a hill overlooking Pushkar Lake and boasts spectacular panoramic views and exquisite Rajasthani cuisine. Their authentic Rajasthani thali should not be missed; featuring regional delicacies. For something Italian-themed, head down to Marco’s Restaurant; their Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is simply divine with quality ingredients used in its preparation.

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