Traditional Food of Himachal Pradesh

If you are traveling to Himachal Pradesh, be sure to sample some of its delectable and traditional food of Himachal Pradesh. These treats will add an extra layer of enjoyment to your trip.

Kullu trout fish is one of the tastiest non-vegetarian dishes, known for its healthy nutrients and delicate flavor. Cooked simply with some spices, this fish maintains its natural flavors and nutrients.


Siddu is a delightful traditional food of Himachal Pradesh that will warm you up on cold winter evenings. It consists of wheat flour dough stuffed with walnut paste and then fermented with yeast.

You can make this dish in either sweet or savoury variations to suit your palate. For a healthier alternative, you could substitute ghee with dal for an improved nutritional benefit.

Siddu recipes vary from region to region, but the main components include Udad Dal and dry fruits like nuts or walnuts. It’s then mixed with Indian spices such as cumin, coriander powder, and cinnamon for an aromatic twist.

Siddu is then wrapped in wheat flour dough and steamed. This nutritious dish can be served with dal or green chutney; a popular Himachali delicacy considered one of the best foods in Himachal Pradesh!


Dhaam is a traditional midday feast in Himachali culture that’s served during marriages, family events and religious ceremonies. It consists of seven to eight dishes cooked in pot-shaped copper vessels known as charotis.

A typical dham begins with rice and moong dal, then rajma (a kidney bean-shaped pulse), chole and meetha. For dessert, kheer (made from bel fruit) is served – it has a natural cooling effect).

The Dham is a delicious and traditional cuisine popular throughout Himachal Pradesh! It consists of seven to eight distinct dishes made without onion, garlic or any spices.

The Dham is an iconic feast of Himachal Pradesh that was inspired by a wazwaan feast in Kashmir over 1300 years ago. Legendary King Jaistambh was so moved by this experience that he asked his botis to recreate it without meat, onion, garlic or spices. Book Holiday Packages in India 


Himachali cuisine, in addition to its stunning natural beauty, is another reason why you should visit this state. Hisakali cooking has been heavily influenced by Punjabi and Tibetan flavors that give each meal a distinct and delicious taste.

Babru is a beloved Himachali dessert and celebratory dish, made with black gram dal, salt and other ingredients. Similar to kachori but much crunchier and delectable, babru can be enjoyed on special occasions like weddings.

This delightful Himachali delicacy boasts a crunchy crust and is filled with black gram dal. You’ll want to sample it at every opportunity you get!

You can also add some grated coconut or sweet fennel to the dough. Moreover, you can make the dough with sugar and jaggery.

Himachal Pradesh’s nutritious cuisine is beloved among both locals and visitors. Crafted by master botis, this delectable treat is often served during festivities in Manali or Chamba.

The Tudkiya Bhath

Tudkiya Bhath is a beloved traditional food item in Himachal Pradesh. This delicious rice dish is made with lentils, potatoes, yoghurt and other ingredients and cooked using spices like cinnamon, bay leaf, chili powder, ginger garlic and cardamom.

Himachali cooking is primarily composed of red meat and wheat bread with sweet, thick gravies; however, recently green vegetables have made a major appearance in the dishes. This cuisine draws heavily from Punjabi and Tibetan cooking styles.

Another traditional Himachali dish is Bhey. This dish is prepared with sliced lotus stems and seasoned with gram flour, ginger, garlic, onion and Indian spices for a fiery taste.

This traditional Himachali delicacy has a tart and sour taste, making it one of the most beloved non-vegetarian food items in Himachal Pradesh. It pairs perfectly with rice or warm chapatis for an irresistible meal – especially during festivals, weddings and dhaam feasts! A must try if visiting Himachal Pradesh!


Traveling to Himachal Pradesh offers visitors the chance to sample its delicious and traditional cuisine – which is one of the many reasons why tourists love visiting this state.

Himachali cuisines are packed with fragrant spices like red chillies, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom – giving the dishes an irresistible aroma.

Himachal Pradesh’s cuisine draws heavily from Tibet and Punjab, but also has its own distinct flavors and recipes.

Madra, a beloved dish of Himachali cuisine, is an aromatic curry made with yogurt and legumes like chickpeas, kidney beans, and black eyed peas. Cooked slowly over low flame to prevent the yogurt from curdling, the spices added give this dish its unique taste. Book India Tour Packages


One of the many draws for tourists to Himachal Pradesh is its breathtaking landscapes, mountains, culture and food. This captivating state offers an array of delectable and traditional delicacies.

Himachali cuisine is renowned for its tantalizing flavors that are prepared using traditional techniques. Locals cook their dishes over low flame and often add yoghurt to enhance the flavors.

In addition to the delectable cuisine of this state, Rajasthan also offers a selection of sweet dishes sure to please any food enthusiast. One such delicacy is Mittha, an addictive dessert served during special occasions like weddings or festivals.

This dish is prepared with sweet rice cooked in ghee and seasoned with dry fruits, raisins, cashews, and almonds. A sprinkle of saffron adds a vibrant hue.

Kaale channe ka khatta, another delectable delicacy of the Kangra region, is a dish usually enjoyed with madra by locals. This dish is made with boiled black chickpeas and seasoned with cumin seeds, asafoetida, fennel seeds, coriander powder, mint powder and salt – all to taste!

Kullu Trout Fish

Trout fish is a beloved non-vegetarian dish in Himachal Pradesh. Packed full of protein and Vitamin D, it also provides beneficial omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Kullu Trout is prepared simply, by marinating it with minimal spices to preserve its delicate taste. It’s usually served alongside boiled vegetables and steam rice – making this dish one of Himachal Pradesh’s healthiest delicacies. Book Maharajas Express

Once the trout fish has been cleaned and marinated with crushed coriander seeds, dill leaves, salt, chilly flakes, lemon juice, lemon rind and mustard oil, it’s ready to be fried and served with a light sauce.

This dish from Kullu region is a must-try for all non-vegetarians! With its mild spicy taste and mouthwatering presentation, your family will be asking for seconds with each bite!

Chha Gosht

If you’re in search of something zesty and irresistible, Chha Gosht is one of the finest Himachali dishes you can try. This mutton curry is made with besan, buttermilk, and an array of aromatic whole spices for a delicious, nourishing meal that’s sure to leave you drooling over its flavor!

This dish is a traditional delicacy of Himachal Pradesh that can be found in local eateries throughout the state. If you want to experience true Himachali cuisine at its best, make sure you try this delectable delicacy!

Himachal Pradesh’s signature dish, Pilbara is composed of various boiled vegetables and rice. Not only is it simple to prepare but also delicious!

This Himachali dish is a beloved staple in many households and among local people. Not only is it delicious and nutritious, but also packed with protein. Plus, it provides essential vitamins and minerals – perfect for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians!

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