Visiting India in May can be extremely hot and humid, but don’t fret, there are many cool places to visit in the country during this time of year. The topography and weather conditions in India are so diverse that you’re sure to find a cool place to visit. You can visit the remote regions of the country for peace and serenity, where the temperature rarely goes above 40 degrees Celsius. Located in northern, northeastern, and southern India, these are some of the coolest places to visit in May.

1. Kotagiri is one of the best places to visit in May

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If you’re looking for some of the most scenic and serene destinations in India, Kotagiri is the perfect place for you. This hill station is nestled in the heart of the Nilgiris and has a temperate climate that ranges between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Highlights of Kotagiri include the famous Kodanad View Point, a hiking and nature-walking area, and the John Sullivan Memorial. During your visit to Kotagiri, be sure to spend a little time climbing the wall and enjoy the views.

During your trip to Kotagiri, be sure to visit the nearby Longwood Shola, where you can see a variety of rare birds and animals. The forest reserve is surrounded by lush greenery, including Indian bison and flying foxes. You can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the town and explore the area’s many adventure sports. Kotagiri is also close to the city of Almora, which is a bustling center of the state’s economic life.

In addition to the spectacular view of the snow-capped peaks, Kotagiri is home to a stunning gorge with many stunning peaks. A stroll through the canyon will reward you with a picturesque landscape and a peaceful atmosphere. You can even take a nature picnic on a sunny day and take in the lush surroundings. With the many sights and activities to do in Kotagiri, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

2. Tirthan valley              Why Tirthan Valley Is Himachal's Best Kept Secret

A trip to Tirthan valley is an excellent opportunity to get away from the city and soak up the scenery. Guests are able to explore the village’s ancient culture and take part in local life. The Tirthan Valley is also famous for its Rhododendron drinks, which taste like Roohafza but are much healthier. Those who want to experience authentic Himachali cuisine should visit the Tirthan valley in the morning and spend the day exploring the nearby waterfalls. Book Maharajas Express

Visitors can experience the majestic peaks of the Himalayan range at Jalori Pass and Serolsar Lake. Visitors can stay in a homely guest house run by an elderly couple, Sringi Vatika. The area also boasts of an impressive flora and fauna. Locals believe the water in the valley has medicinal properties. The locals also revere the sacred temple of Budhi Nagin, which is close by the lake.

Visiting Tirthan valley in May is an ideal way to enjoy the scenery and explore its wildlife. During this time, you can enjoy trout fishing, river crossing, and trekking. The Great Himalayan National Park is nearby, where you can also enjoy the tranquility of the area. The temperatures here range from eight to sixteen degrees Celsius. To reach Tirthan valley from Bhuntar, you will need to travel for two hours by car, or take a bus to the village.

3. Varanasi              Where it's forbidden to serve meat - BBC Travel

The mystical aura of Varanasi is not limited to its temples. You can also take part in the renowned Aarti Ceremonies. One of the most popular ceremonies is performed at the Dashashwamedh Ghat at dusk. The ceremony is a stunning display of Hindu spirituality. At this time of the day, devotees place offerings in the form of ‘diyas’ into the River Ganges to pay homage to the Goddess Ganga. You can watch these beautiful ceremonies while riding a riverboat.

Another place you should visit in Varanasi is the Birla Temple, which is located inside the Banaras Hindu University. It is the product of the Birla family, who are a successful Indian business family. The temple is comprised of seven separate temples, each one dedicated to a different deity. The Birla Temple is considered to be one of the most iconic sights in Varanasi.

If you’re planning a trip to Varanasi in May, you may want to plan your sightseeing around the city’s ghats. You’ll find several different ghats, and one of the most popular attractions is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple is another site of sacred importance, and the holy waters are a must-see.

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4. Shimla              ABB softstarters help Shimla to get access to uninterrupted water supply

If you’re looking for the top places to visit in India in May, consider visiting Shimla! There are plenty of activities to keep your mind occupied while visiting this picturesque town. For those looking for something a little different, you can take a toy train ride to the famous Scandal Point. The ridge is the center of culture in Shimla, and connects Lakkar Bazaar to Scandal Point. It is also the site for big events and festivals such as concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural programs.

If you’re planning a getaway from the summer heat, Shimla is the perfect retreat. The cool climate and lush greenery of the region will sooth your senses. The town also has numerous museums, heritage sites, and architectural wonders to offer visitors. No matter your age, there’s a place to fit your needs in Shimla. While you’re here, be sure to check out these places to make the most of your vacation.

The Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex is another great place to visit in Shimla. This Victorian-style building boasts of a variety of wax figures of famous personalities. From James Bond to Harry Potter, you’ll find all the stars of your favorite movies and TV shows here. You’ll also find a museum dedicated to the Indian army that displays old weapons and paraphernalia. While you’re in Shimla, you can also take a tour of the historical Willow Banks estate and visit the Museum of the Tiger.

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5. Nainital                Best Time to Visit Nainital With Family

If you’re looking for the coolest places in India during the hot months, you’ve come to the right place. May is the hottest month of the year in India, and many people opt to escape the heat by heading to a cool destination. Fortunately, there are a lot of great places to visit in May in India. Listed below are some of our favorites. Read on for more information! Book India Tours

Tawang is one of the top places to visit in May. This Himalayan town is covered in snow for most of the year and is surrounded by glassy lakes and deep valleys. Its streets are lined with Buddhist monasteries and you can listen to the Tashi Delek (religious music) ringing through the valleys. The most stunning part of this city is its cultural diversity.

Rishikesh is a popular adventure destination for tourists. It’s home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the renowned Golden Temple, and the enchanting Kodanad waterfall. In addition to waterfalls, Rishikesh is known for its rich history and lush, green landscapes. And if you’re looking for a quieter getaway, the Andaman Islands are a great choice.

Nainital is another popular hill town. This picturesque town is famous for its beautiful lake and boat rides. You can even enjoy the zoo and Tibetan Market in this hill station. Take a hike up the Naina Peak for a breathtaking view. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the G B Pant High Altitude Zoo, which offers animals in the shape of caves.

6. Alappuzha                  The unique charms of sights and tastes around Alappuzha | Travel News | Manorama English

Alappuzha is known as the Venice of the East, and it was declared so by the British Viceroy Lord Curzon in the early twentieth century. The city’s foundations were laid during the 18th century by Dewan Raja Kesava Das. Ancient Greece and Rome had connections with the city, and Ptolemy and Pliny both mention it in their works. The city’s early history includes the construction of canals and roads, which helped it develop a thriving trade community.

Near Alappuzha, visitors can enjoy the lush countryside in Kuttanad, the Rice Bowl of India. The region has unique farming methods, including growing rice below sea level. Its picturesque landscapes and tranquility will leave a lasting impression on you. In May, pilgrims from all over South India flock to Kuttanad to pray to St. George and seek healing for their ailments.

A trip to the beautiful coastal town of Munnar will take you back to the golden era of Kerala, which is home to more than a hundred shades of green. You’ll experience the calming, unspoiled landscape that the town has to offer, as well as an abundance of wildlife and flora. The cool climate of Thekkady keeps the heatwave at bay.

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