Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer – Top Things to Know

Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer are an absolute must for tourists. Situated 42-45 km away from Jaisalmer on an excellent tarred non-bumpy road, they can be reached both via camels and jeeps. Sam Sand Dunes are best experienced during winter, from October to February when the temperatures are mildest and ideal for camel safaris.

Activities in Sam Sand Dunes

Camel Safaris in Jaisalmer are one of the top things to do. This thrilling ride allows you to easily explore its vast sand dunes, creating an unforgettable experience.

Sand dune bashing is another must-do activity! This exhilarating activity lets you drive down the sand dunes at high speed while taking in all of its breathtaking views and taking plenty of pictures!

Quad biking can also be an exciting way to discover the sand dunes, providing an exciting way to speed around a track while enjoying both sun and sand.

Camel Safari

Camel safaris are one of the most thrilling activities at Sam sand dunes and should not be missed! Experienced riders should definitely give it a go for an unforgettable ride – but note: riding for any length of time requires good physical fitness and endurance, so consult your doctor first if planning to ride long term and bring plenty of water with you at all times – especially during hot season rides!

An average camel safari involves being picked up from Jaisalmer by jeep or another form of vehicle and taken to an area in the desert where you will ride camels for approximately two hours before watching the sunset from a camp in the desert, similar to glamping.

Many safaris also include pickup and drop-off service as well as two meals; some even feature traditional Rajasthani dinner with folk dance performance!

Best time for ride

Jaisalmer offers plenty to see and do, from shopping and cafes to historic buildings and unique cafes. However, to truly experience Jaisalmer it is best to visit Sam Sand Dunes where you can ride camels through Thar Desert landscape.

Sunsets and sunrises here are truly magnificent, while you can also spend a night at one of many desert camps that provide authentic Rajasthani experiences – with music and dance performances hosted at each camp! For optimal travel during winter season from October-March.

Another enjoyable activity near the sand dunes is going on a jeep safari. Dune-bashing can be accomplished by quickly whipping your jeep around sand dunes quickly enough that its tires start sliding across them; it is both exciting and adventurous, perfect for solo or guided exploration of this area with abundant wildlife such as peacocks and cranes residing there as well.

Jeep Safari

An exciting jeep safari tour of Sam Sand Dunes can provide an ideal way to witness their beauty at an even faster pace. These vehicles can hold up to 7 people in comfort, providing a more luxurious alternative than riding camels. Furthermore, this ride can last between several hours and all day long!

Musical evenings at desert camps in Jaisalmer are an enjoyable way to unwind after an exciting day spent fighting dust and sand. Enjoy Rajasthani folk music and dance moves while relaxing into an easygoing environment. Book Rajasthan Tour Packages

Sam Sand Dunes are one of the premier desert dune sites in India and are visited by many tourists for a Desert Safari adventure on camels or jeeps. Situated approximately 45km west of Jaisalmer, they feature various attractions that can be explored both on foot or by vehicle; for optimal experience visit during sunset/sunrise as this timeframe when they are most lively.

Sunset Point

Sam Sand Dunes are a top tourist spot in Jaisalmer and one of India’s best spots for watching the setting sun. When darkness falls, these dunes become illuminated in vibrant color as the sunset unfolds before our very eyes; making this sight one that should not be missed by travellers looking to experience Rajasthan at its very best!

Travellers visiting the Desert City can experience both camel rides and camping accommodations here, with numerous desert camps situated within 2-3 km radius from dunes offering accommodation – these camps usually boast comfortable tents, camels, jeeps and all the other amenities needed for an enjoyable journey. Book Jodhpur & Jaisalmer Tour from Jaipur

Sand dunes offer breathtaking vistas, as well as cultural activities that make this destination an essential stop on any traveller’s itinerary. Travellers can see a puppet show at the local cultural center here!

Desert Camping

If you’re planning an overnight visit to Sam Sand Dunes, we suggest booking your desert camping campsite early. By doing so, you’ll avoid last-minute rush and secure a place with all the facilities that suit you best – find one with positive customer reviews and a reliable history so as to enjoy an effortless desert adventure in Jaisalmer. Book Maharajas Express

At Jaisalmer, the most acclaimed desert camps can be found just a short distance from the dunes. Many provide Swiss tents or mud cottages where tourists can stay the night. Tourists can also participate in camel safari tours and cultural dance performances before enjoying candle-light dinners on a sand dune!

Between August and March is an optimal time to visit a desert camp at Jaisalmer. The climate during these months is cooler, making sightseeing, camel rides and outdoor activities much more comfortable and pleasurable – plus, less people congregate on the sand dunes!

Distance from Jaisalmer City

Camel rides over Jaisalmer’s sand dunes offer one of the best ways to experience desert life. Sunrise (4:00 am – 6:00 am) or sunset (7.00 pm – 9.0 pm) offer especially scenic viewing experiences.

Quad biking is another exciting activity at the sand dunes. Thanks to their ideal topography and expansive open spaces, quad biking provides a thrilling ride and provides an opportunity for visitors to spot various wildlife species like desert foxes, chinkaras and Great Indian Bustards – rare sights indeed!

Khuri is a small town located near Khushab in Rajasthan that features traditional houses made of clay, cow dung, and thatched roofs. Village folk have taken great care to maintain its picturesque environment so visitors can experience true Rajasthani atmosphere on their visit.

Be sure not to miss a visit to Salim Singh Ki Haveli, an 18th-century building renowned for its architecture. Boasting 38 exquisitely carved balconies inspired by peacocks’ feathers, its architecture makes this structure one of Jaisalmer’s most memorable buildings.

What does this place offer you?

Jaisalmer’s sand dunes are an irresistibly alluring tourist draw, home to an abundance of birds and wildlife as well as offering plenty of space for travellers looking to take pictures or embark on camel safari adventures. While domestic and foreign visitors frequent these sandy expanses, you’re still likely to find peaceful corners where you can watch the sunset in peace.

Sam Sand Dunes offer numerous desert camps where travelers can stay the night and experience local culture first-hand. These camps feature mud cottages and Swiss tents to sleep in for the night as well as food and entertainment such as Rajasthani folk music and dance performances.

Dunes in Rajasthan are surrounded by yellow sandstone buildings that shine with golden light from the sun. Visit Lodhruva Jain Temple for some stunning carved jaalis and sculptured pillars – this must-see site will allow anyone looking to explore Rajasthan fully to appreciate its beauty!

Entry fees for Sam Sand dune?

Sam Sand Dunes are located 45 km from Jaisalmer and are easily accessible using state transport buses or private taxis. Tourists may also opt to stay in desert camps here for cultural programs and seasonal festivals.

Tourists on their trip can also explore Khuri Sand Dunes, Lodhruva Sand Dunes, Kuldhar Village, and Khabha Fort. While in these villages, visitors can take walking tours through them to view intricate Jaalis and sculptured pillars carved with Jaali designs; furthermore they will experience authentic Rajasthani culture first-hand. Book Jaisalmer Tour from Delhi

Sam Sand Dunes are best visited between January, February, March, October, November and December when temperatures are cool and pleasant, allowing visitors to easily take part in activities such as camel rides and viewing sunset views. Due to shifting sand dunes caused by wind currents, visitors must keep moving in order to observe them properly. You may also enjoy a desert safari here that features Camel rides followed by dinner with Rajasthani folk dance performances as part of your experience.

Best time to visit Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes are quickly gaining in popularity among tourists for their soul-stirring experience. Boasting breathtaking views of Thar Desert, these dunes help visitors relax both mind and body while simultaneously enjoying the serene environment. For photographers interested in sunset/sunrise photography, these dunes make a wonderful subject matter.

One can enjoy a camel safari to explore the sand dunes and wildlife surrounding them, with optimal times being between 5-7 pm when the sun has set behind the horizon. Desert camps also host cultural programs such as musical evenings & Rajasthani folk dance for guests to experience during their visit.

Kuldhara Village draws thousands of tourists every year with its haunted atmosphere as the inhabitants have left suddenly for unknown reasons, leaving behind abandoned houses, sand dunes and peacocks that roam free around this village. Tourists can witness abandoned homes, sand dunes and roaming peacocks while experiencing all it has to offer.

Khuri Sand Dunes

Khuri, located near Jaisalmer, is an underrated destination perfect for desert camping and safari adventures. Here, visitors can take in breathtaking sand dunes as well as traditional thatched clay houses decorated with Mandana patterns from Bhatti Rajput culture – these walls also make a fantastic opportunity to view their skills! Additionally, Khuri village is famed for its martial art demonstrations by Bhatti Rajput warriors! Book Desert Experience of Rajasthan

Khabha Fort is almost completely in ruins, believed to have been cursed when its residents abruptly abandoned it for another village; nevertheless, it draws in thousands of tourists every year.

The sand dunes of India are home to numerous species, including Great Indian Bustards, peacocks and desert foxes – even antelopes and deer have been seen! Photography enthusiasts should wear comfortable shoes as winter evenings can get quite cold; and bring along light woollen garments as winter nights can become quite cold!

Activities to do at Khuri

Khuri Sand Dunes are a small village located within the Thar Desert that draw tourists for their camel safari experience. Less crowded than Sam Sand Dunes, Khuri offers visitors a more authentic representation of Rajasthani culture as its local residents who reside in mud houses with thatched palette roofs are friendly and happy to share their customs and traditions with visitors.

Desert Festival, held annually during winter for four to five days, features puppet shows, puppet competitions for longest moustache competition, turban tying contests and other cultural events.

From this place you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset with incredible sand dunes aglow with color as the sun lays low behind its reddened dunes – truly spectacular. There are also local restaurants serving delicious Rajasthani cuisine; for a true desert experience why not stay at one of many camping sites run by locals providing mouth-watering food and music all to add an authentic experience?

Walling Trips

At night, the dunes come alive with an assortment of wildlife including camels, wild foxes, chinkara and one of the world’s biggest birds; The Great Indian Bustard! Additionally, this area provides great astronomy viewing with crystal-clear skies displaying bright stars overhead.

Camps near Sam sand dunes provide tourists with a memorable desert experience, from cozy mud cottages to Swiss tents with comfortable beds and wooden furniture. Many camps also organize cultural programs where visitors can learn Rajasthani dance while also taking advantage of a buffet dinner service.

Quad biking is another favorite pastime at sand dunes, providing an engaging way to experience the desert’s expanse. Desert camps often organise cultural programs featuring Rajasthani folk dance such as Kalbeliya. February and March is considered to be the optimal time for visiting these dunes; during these months festivals are held throughout the region, creating an immense cultural hub with beautiful weather conditions – plus you’ll have lots of opportunity for outdoor adventure!

Rajasthani Folk Songs

Sam Sand Dunes are a must-see attraction when visiting Jaisalmer for those seeking the full desert experience. From jeep safaris and camel rides, to amazing night camping and music performances; everything here breathes authenticity and culture alike – here is just some of what you’ll experience when visiting.

Its famed for its towering sand dunes, but also offers other activities such as camel and jeep safaris, dune drives, sand art exhibitions and folk dance performances. You can stay at one of several desert camps like Rajputana Desert Camp, Dangri Desert Camp or Winds Desert Camp that offer traditional Rajasthani experiences while providing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals; additionally these camps host musical programs and evening dune visits for their guests.


Jaisalmer’s sand dunes are a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and those wanting to get closer to nature, while its adventurous activities provide an exhilarating rush. There are multiple adventure camps offering fun activities in the area for you and your friends/family to enjoy together.

Desert sand dunes offer photographers an ideal subject matter. Their clear view makes for stunning pictures during sunsets and sunrises; many desert camps even provide romantic candle-lit dinners – making these desert camps perfect destinations for honeymoon or anniversary trips.

Sam Sand Dunes can be reached from Jaisalmer by road and offer stunning golden-colored sand dunes and breathtaking sunset views from Sunset Point. Visitors to the dunes can also take part in camel rides, jeep rides, camping near them overnight in tent resorts near them, as well as participate in camel safari rides for which local camp hosts provide local hospitality before safari vendors chase after tourists across the sand dunes for paid camel rides.

Distance from Jaisalmer

Sam Sand Dunes are an amazing sight located just 40 km southwest of Jaisalmer and will leave you speechless. A favorite among both visitors and locals alike, these sand dunes offer spectacular scenery amid the Thar Desert – it offers serenity like no other place! However, don’t just visit just for the sights; Sam Sand Dunes also provide numerous activities that’ll keep your stay lively!

At Dunes of Ubar, one of the most exciting activities available to visitors is camel riding. Experience an unforgettable adventure from high above the dunes, exploring this entire site from above them while getting close views of all that the vast expanse of sand dunes and its towering castles has to offer!

For an especially exciting trip to the sand dunes, why not go on a jeep safari? This thrilling ride will take you up the peaks and down the troughs of the dunes – promising an adrenaline-pumping ride and creating memories to last a lifetime. Book Golden Triangle Tour with Colourful Rajasthan

Lodhruva Sand Dunes

Lodhruva Sand Dunes are situated just on the outskirts of Jaisalmer city and offer breathtaking views that will leave you speechless. While they don’t reach Sam in terms of size, Lodhruva Sand Dunes are perfect for experiencing desert life without traveling too far from civilization. October to March is considered ideal time to visit them as the weather remains cool enough for camping on its beautiful dunes.

These dunes offer tourists an exceptional opportunity to stay overnight in the middle of a desert environment, offering delicious Rajasthani dishes and folk music/dance performances as well as camel safaris for visitors.

Kuldhara Village and Khabha Fort draw many tourists to these dunes because of their unsettling atmosphere, featuring deserted houses abandoned for reasons unknown to local residents, giving these villages an eerie charm that attracts many visitors.

Experienced travelers should not miss visiting these sand dunes; this experience will leave lasting memories. From trekking up the dunes or witnessing their beauty from above in a jeep, this place will leave lasting impressions in your memory bank. Be sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.

Why visit Lodhruva

Visit Jaisalmer Sand Dunes for many reasons, but the primary one is camel safaris. Watching the sun set or rise over this vast desert landscape is breathtakingly beautiful; and several luxury camps on its dunes also offer Rajasthani musical evenings complete with dance and food!

If you visit the dunes during winter months, star gazing can also be enjoyed. With clear skies providing easy viewing of constellations and stars. Furthermore, dunes make for excellent locations to capture both sunrises and sunsets on camera.

Discovering Lodhruva Jain temple is another fantastic reason to visit. Devoted to the 23rd tirthankar (saint), its intricate details include intricate carvings. Additionally, visitors will find a wishing tree in this complex.

Kuldhara Village and Khabha Fort can also be visited, the former being famous as the setting for Princess Mumal’s doomed love story with Mahendra, prince of Amarkot; while Khabha Fort remains an eerie ghost town due to sudden population displacement for unknown reasons.

Visit the sand dunes between 5-7 pm or early morning if you want a sunrise camel safari, with activities such as sandboarding, dune bashing, and camel safari available on these sandy stretches of land.

Jain Temple

Jain Temple near Lodhruva Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer is one of the most visited tourist spots. Devoted to Parshvanath – 23rd Tirthankar of Jainism – its stunning craftsmanship will leave you speechless; from carving sculptures, columns, an Amar Sagar water tank & painted idols of gods and goddesses will enthrall visitors of all ages.

Apart from worshipping, Sam Sand Dunes are also an incredible place to appreciate the natural beauty of the desert. Camel safaris and glamping are popular activities here, while sunsets at Sam sand dunes can be especially stunning; don’t miss enjoying these majestic dunes by night when watching silvery moonlight glow over their surface!

Staying at a sand dune camp offers you many exciting activities. Most are located near Sam sand dunes, with various types of camps tailored to your preferences and budget.

Visit these temples barefoot in order to respect the religion, with your mobile phones on silent mode and leather items not permitted inside their premises. Also remember to keep litter out of these areas to preserve their beauty; carry water bottle in order to stay hydrated throughout your visit and fully appreciate these sites without interruptions. Following these guidelines will enable you to experience these temples fully without interruptions from others or lack thereof.


Jaisalmer Sand Dunes are one of the premier camel safari locations in Rajasthan, drawing tourists from all around to experience its special thrill – watching desert sunsets from atop their camel! Although now an established tourist destination, Jaisalmer still provides an authentic view of rural India and should not be disregarded as such.

Most tourists staying at Jaisalmer Desert Camp opt to visit Sam Sand Dunes both sunset and sunrise, which offers visitors an ideal way to experience Rajasthani rustic charm. Many camps also provide accommodation such as mud cottages or Swiss tents which adds further to the overall appeal of the trip. Nighttime comes alive at these camps with Rajasthani music and dance around bonfires!

Khuri Sand Dunes are found just outside Jaisalmer and offer less crowds than their more famous counterpart, Sam Sand Dunes. Village folk will give visitors an authentic glimpse into Rajasthani life through mud houses made from clay and cow dung with thatched roofs – this will make your visit all the more special and unforgettable.

The Jaisalmer Sand Dunes are home to wild animals such as jackals, camels, and numerous birds, providing an idyllic setting for star gazing under clear desert skies. Surrounding this oasis are massive sandstone forts such as Jaisalmer’s which shine tawny during the day before glowing honey gold when night falls.


Rajasthan cuisine is legendary, known for its spicy cuisine inspired by local ingredients found here and is generally vegetarian-based; however, this does not stop them from creating some delectable non-vegetarian treats such as daal baati churma, kebabs and laal maas that will leave visitors wanting more!

Jaisalmer resembles something out of a fairy tale with its majestic fort and winding streets that lead to glittering havelis adorned with intricately embellished dupattas. Winter months offer optimal conditions to visit Jaisalmer’s sand dunes.

This city also provides many excellent souvenirs and sweets. Take home some authentic ghee-filled desert sweets like gulab jamun or panchdhari ladoos from one of the numerous shops dotting its streets here; or sample delicious Rajasthani beer or wine available there as well – be sure to observe some amusing spellings found among them like one shop that spells chilled beer as “chilled alcohol”, just one example of how amusing Rajasthan can be!

How to reach

An effective way to explore sand dunes is through booking a camel safari trip, with many camps providing these services at reasonable rates and offering plenty of entertainment, like traditional music and dance shows as well as delicious meals during your stay at these camps.

Kuldhara is a deserted village that draws many tourists each year. Local villagers believe they were cursed by Jaisalmer’s ruler due to their atrocities, while you will also find traditional houses made out of clay, dung and thatched roofs.

At Sam Sunset Point, a top attraction in this region, you should make time for one or more stops at this stunning viewpoint that enables visitors to witness golden-colored dunes and an impressive sunset. Furthermore, Sam Sunset Point provides ample opportunities for camping, riding jeeps, enjoying music performances by locals as well as engaging in other recreational activities such as camping.

Bus and taxi services run regularly between Jaisalmer and other nearby cities to Jaisalmer sand dunes; booking your tickets early will help prevent any potential hassle. Also remember to pack protective caps and sunglasses against the hot sun!

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