Places to Visit Near Gangtok

Kupup Lake, situated near Gangtok, is one of the top places to visit near Gangtok. Boasting breathtaking mountainous surroundings and lush vegetation, it makes an excellent backdrop for taking captivating instagrammable photos while appreciating its peacefulness.

Zoological parks are well known for providing animals with excellent care, protecting their natural environments and encouraging visitors to discover something new! An animal lover or not, visiting one can be an incredible experience that leaves no impression in your memory.

Tsomgo Lake – One of the top places to visit near Gangtok

Tsomgo Lake (also referred to as Changu lake) is an icy glacial lake located in Sikkim and revered for its legendary associations, as well as being believed to possess predictive powers of future events. Home to migrating birds and reflecting seasonal skies above it.

Adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike will delight at this high altitude lake. Ride colorfully decorated Yaks and Mules here while taking in breathtaking views of snowcapped peaks surrounding you.

Lake Khecheopalri is located near popular Gangtok attractions like Nathula Pass and Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple, as well as being an entryway into Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary which houses endangered red pandas and Himalayan Black Bears.

Before visiting Gangtok Lake, it is advisable to rest and acclimatize yourself. Children under 5 years of age are not permitted due to its altitude and cold temperature; travelers with breathing difficulties should carry portable oxygen cylinders for safety purposes; photographers interested in photography can visit at sunrise for optimal photos.

Ganesh Tok – Another top places to visit near Gangtok

Ganesh Tok is one of the state’s highest viewpoints and offers breathtaking vistas that capture Sikkim in all its splendor, making it one of Gangtok’s top tourist spots from March through June (spring/summer).

This charming temple, dedicated to Lord Ganesh, can only accommodate a limited number of visitors at one time. However, this spot has become extremely popular with tourists as its surroundings boast stunning views of Kanchenjunga Hill and city skylines – not to mention an inviting lounge and balcony that add a pleasant experience at this site.

Museum with impressive Tibetan Artefacts; Phodong and Labrang Monasteries can also be seen here, making this institute an excellent way of discovering more about Tibet’s rich history and culture. Additionally, Ganesh Tok viewpoint provides local markets and restaurants, perfect for taking a respite from bustling city life; relaxing atmosphere will leave you feeling revitalized; making this viewpoint an essential stop when visiting Gangtok.

Tashi Viewpoint – One of the top places to visit near Gangtok

Tashi Viewpoint in Gangtok offers stunning sunrise and sunset views that are sure to take your breath away. A peaceful retreat, it provides full-scaled views of Kanchenjunga mountain range as well as Phodong and Labrang monasteries – adding spirituality to their visit.

Attractions at this location include witnessing the breathtaking sunrise and its dramatic play of lights on snow-capped peaks. To experience this, ensure you arrive by 5 am so as to catch those first golden-hued rays illuminating them and giving the scene its unforgettable charm.

Cable car rides are another enjoyable activity enjoyed by visitors to Gangtok. This twofold link ropeway provides an exciting aerial perspective of Gangtok’s scenic beauty, making for an excellent photo op. It is wise to book this activity early as peak seasons sees long lines waiting to get into these fun rides – therefore we suggest booking it well ahead.

Nathu La Pass

Nathula Pass is one of Gangtok’s must-see spots due to its stunning beauty. Situated at 4,310m and connecting Sikkim and China, its mountain pass makes an arduous journey worthwhile when you experience its stunning Himalayan views. Travel from Gangtok can be quite steep but worth every mile when the Himalayan peaks come into view! Photography enthusiasts should visit between September and November when conditions are conducive.

Nathula Pass and its surroundings offer numerous breathtaking sites, such as Bakthang Waterfall in Energy Park. Attracting nature lovers and peace seekers, this cascading waterfall falls from a majestic height before welcoming picnickers and peace seekers.

Visit Tsomgo Lake, India’s highest altitude glacial lake, to witness migrating Brahminy Ducks swimming on its turquoise blue waters and take in its picturesque surroundings of snow-covered mountains and Alpine vegetation – this makes the lake even more picturesque! Tsomgo is revered as sacred by Sikkimese people and you must obtain a Protected Area Permit before visiting this site if an Indian national visiting via an authorized tour operator, travel agency, hotel, etc.

Seven Sister Waterfalls

The Seven Sister Waterfalls are located 32 kms outside Gangtok and offer visitors an idyllic natural experience. Comprised of seven small waterfalls, their beauty draws visitors year-round – especially during rainy season or when snow melts off as this spectacular sight becomes one of Sikkim’s must-visit spots! They make for spectacular photos too! Best time for visiting is during rainy seasons when water runs freely down from lush mountains into deep pools below, making the Seven Sister Waterfalls hard to forget for any visitor! For best viewing experiences visit it during rainy or when snowmelt occurs – as this brings back its life into life and is hard for visitors to forget!

Photographers, nature lovers and adventure seekers will all want to make this waterfall a must-visit spot. Although it requires quite an adventure from its base, most people can safely make the hike from base up the falls for breathtaking views of river valley, mountains and valley. Note however, that since there is no fencing around these falls they may require crossing streams or rocks in order to get optimal views.

As the trail can become muddy and slippery during monsoon season, it is wise to travel here with a guide or group. Additionally, make sure that you closely adhere to all signs in order to prevent yourself from tripping over rocks!

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology offers visitors an insight into Sikkim’s captivating past culture through one of the finest collections of works of art, objects, mementos, and Tibetan documents in existence. Situated in Deorali in central Gangtok, this institute was founded by 14th Dalai Lama on land donated by Sikkim’s late King Tashi Namgyal himself.

The institute promotes and conducts research on Buddhism, Tibetan language, art, religion and culture. The museum boasts an outstanding collection of religious and cultural artifacts such as statues, thangkas, coins, hand-painted and embroidered scrolls (thangkas) as well as ancient manuscripts – many unique.

Visitors to the library will also enjoy exploring its wide collection of books written in multiple languages ranging from Sanskrit to Chinese and Lepcha. The institute is open Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm but closed on Sundays, second Saturdays of each month, official holidays, as well as Sunday afternoons and second Saturdays each month for two hour periods only for staff training purposes. A small entry fee will apply; visitors should remove their shoes before entering. In addition, there is also a cafe available on-site providing refreshments.

Kanchenjunga Mountain

Kanchenjunga Mountain, India’s highest peak, is one of Gangtok’s top attractions and draws trekkers and naturalists from across India to marvel at its magnificent beauty. Trekkers come from far and wide to visit its majestic setting at Kanchenjunga National Park which boasts diverse flora and fauna that provides an exciting nature experience; beautiful views can also be enjoyed from Tsomgo Lake, Rumtek Monastery and MG Road.

Tsomgo Lake near Gangtok will leave you breathless with its stunning landscapes and tranquil waters. Boasting vibrant aqua colors during monsoon seasons and transformed by snowfall into an icy expanse during wintertime, Tsomgo Lake is one of Sikkim’s northeast regions and considered one of the spiritual places in Gangtok.

Changu Lake in local language is an idyllic destination to witness the ever-changing beauty of pristine water. Situated among snow-capped mountain ranges and traditional villages with prayer walls and chortens for meditation purposes – you are bound to have an incredible journey here!

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