Famous Markets for Shopping in Varanasi

Are You Traveling to Varanasi for Souvenirs? There are numerous markets where you can purchase everything you desire here! One of the premier shopping destinations is Godowlia market, situated amid old buildings. Home to several shops selling everything from silk embroidery to Bhadohi carpets. Here you get to know Famous Markets for Shopping in Varanasi.

Vishwanath Lane

Vishwanath Lane, close to Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi, is one of the city’s best-known markets, drawing locals and visitors alike. Stalls line both sides of the road offering visitors the chance to purchase designer sarees, bangles and dupattas from some stalls lining both roads. The market is famous for selling textile fabrics, making it an excellent place to find souvenirs or gifts. Additionally, its wooden toys crafted with exquisite care have also proven popular with visitors.

Golghar Market in Varanasi is well-known for offering an abundance of goods, from silk brocade sarees and daily essentials, to unique gifts at reasonable prices. Golghar is a highly recommended shopping venue. Varanasi Market should be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting Varanasi. You will find everything here that you might require for daily needs, including brand footwear at reasonable prices.

Zindagi Jewellery Store

Varanasi is an incredible city full of India’s rich cultural history and one of its oldest cities, boasting ancient architecture and historical landmarks that will provide you with an incredible shopping experience. Zindagi Jewellery Store in Varanasi offers an expansive range of exquisite jewelry designs – featuring diamond and Kundan styles – at competitive prices, along with friendly customer service and reliable delivery services. Book Varanasi Tour Packages

As well as jewellery, this shop also provides shoppers with other appealing offerings – home decor items as well as designer footwear and apparel are among their many offerings. One of the best aspects of this shop is that they donate a portion of their proceeds towards women’s empowerment initiatives. Furthermore, they have an exceptional jewelry repair service so that you can enjoy your new purchases without having to replace broken pieces later – an irresistibly fantastic attraction! Every jewelry enthusiast should visit!

Rajan Silk Market

Rajan Silk Market in Varanasi is one of the best markets for shopping, offering stylish Banarasi sarees at reasonable prices. Gyanvapi market, built by Emperor Aurangzeb and located nearby is well known for selling high-quality shawls at very competitive rates at Gyanvapi mosque. Shawls, bangles and masks of Hindu deities can all be purchased here at very reasonable rates.

Another unique quality of this market is that a portion of its profits is donated towards social causes and women’s empowerment initiatives. Furthermore, the owners are extremely friendly and helpful. Market is widely known for offering designer lampshades that enhance the beauty of any room significantly. Many visitors come here specifically for these light fittings that add flair and charm. Apart from shopping, tourists can also visit the ghats to witness sunrise on the Ganges – an ever-popular tourist attraction which can be experienced all year long.


Varanasi offers everything from clothing, handicrafts and ghat items to mention its historical importance as one of Hinduism’s holiest pilgrimage sites – making this city an absolute must visit destination! With mention in Indian mythology as well as being considered an essential pilgrimage site by both religions it should definitely not be overlooked as a destination to visit!

Lahurabir Market in Varanasi is renowned for offering various goods at affordable prices, making this area popular with both visitors and locals. Home to several stores lined one after another, Lahurabir attracts large crowds throughout its duration of operations.

This market primarily caters to household goods, although you will also find hardware and decor materials. Furthermore, you can even find clothing on a budget here! At this shop you’ll find heavy traditional jewelry made of pure gold. Additionally, there is an amazing array of multi-coloured bangles which look stunning with any outfit and beautiful wooden toys handcrafted with great care and precision – great purchases all around! Book Maharajas Express

Vinayak Plaza

Vinayak Plaza in Varanasi is an acclaimed market filled with shops that sell an assortment of supplies and gifts, in addition to restaurants and cafes offering delicious meals. Its convenience makes this shopping mall an excellent option for tourists wanting to avoid traffic in the city center. Furthermore, parking space is readily available. Time Out Cafe in Vinayak Plaza is well known for their selection of delicious food items such as Aloo Matar, Sev Tomato, Mix Veg and Veg Kofta.

Varanasi locals love this restaurant, and its loyal following of customers. The staff here is prompt, kind and courteous – providing superior customer service that allows visitors to easily navigate around. In addition, cash, credit card debit card and e-wallet payments can all be accepted here.

Godowlia Market

Godowlia Market in Varanasi is one of the oldest local markets, featuring narrow streets lined with shops selling all sorts of merchandise. Locals often visit this market to purchase groceries, household items and other commodities. Godowlia Market in Varanasi is known for its vast selection of Bhadohi carpets, exquisite zari work and wooden carvings, making it an excellent shopping destination. Additionally, the market provides fine silk fabrics as well as handicrafts.

This store provides all your everyday needs – everything from silk brocade sarees and clothing materials, metal items and decor material can all be found here! The best part of this hotel is its prime location near Ganga River. I would definitely recommend staying here as its staff was so welcoming and helpful; I felt at home immediately upon staying here! This clean and well maintained hotel also featured great AC in rooms as well as tasty breakfast options! I will surely go back here!

The Aroma Garden 

If you’re in the mood for some truly vintage mementos, head to The Aroma Garden. This shop provides one-of-a-kind gifts from years past for your loved ones, with items including perfumes, colognes and body care products among their most popular offerings; there’s even art and sculpture collection! What’s best? Their staff will be on hand to assist in selecting an item within your budget; a concierge service is also provided that can assist in finding suitable accommodation such as hotels or guesthouses nearby.

Gyanvapi – Top Markets for Shopping in Varanasi

Gyanvapi Market in Varanasi is one of the city’s most beloved markets, known for selling copper religious artifacts as well as brocades and silk fabric. Additionally, this market is famous for antiques featuring stone trim work. At any given moment, this area can become extremely busy with visitors looking for designer bangles, wooden toys and decor items for sale. Many stalls line either side of the road making it easy for shoppers to locate what they are searching for.

Vishwanath Lane Market is another shopping spot worth visiting in Bangalore and should not be missed by tourists. On either side of the road are numerous stalls selling stunning sarees, bangles, and dupattas – great finds at affordable prices! The market is famous for its Banarasi sarees, with prices that are quite affordable. You can also purchase various ornaments and statues here as well as high-quality shawls – making this market an essential shopping destination for Banarasi lovers!

Dal Mandi Market 

Varanasi is a city with an unparalleled heritage, traditions and culture. A popular pilgrimage destination among Hindus every year, Varanasi also attracts foreign tourists eager to experience Indian history and culture for themselves in an extraordinary manner. Dal Mandi Market is one of the oldest markets in Delhi and is known for its distinctive products and stalls. Open to visitors of all kinds, this market can be found near Nayi Sadak and Godaulia.

A street lined with various local items and food. It serves as a wholesale market for clothing. This market offers the perfect opportunity to buy traditional products such as sarees. What to Purchase: Here, shoppers will find an extensive selection of quality bangles, dupattas and home decor products at reasonable rates. It makes an excellent choice for people searching for premium products at reasonable rates.

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