India is renowned for its diverse cuisine. Each region has developed a distinct culinary tradition over hundreds of years to suit local produce and tastes. Samosas are one beloved Indian food. These fried triangles of dough are filled with delectable fillings such as potatoes, lentils or minced meat and then deep-fried for maximum flavour.

India is one of the world’s most culturally diverse nations, and its cuisine boasts an array of flavor profiles. Whether vegetarian or spicy, you’re sure to find a dish that appeal to your taste buds. If you’re in search of a classic Indian dish, tandoori chicken is sure to please. Other popular Indian dishes include samosas, dosas and biryanis.

North Indian Food

The north of India is famous for its delicious Indian food. Packed full of spices and sauces, this region offers an incredibly flavorful cuisine that’s sure to leave you in love. Many dishes in India are vegetarian, but you’ll also find meat-based curries and barbecued meats to choose from. Try some of these delectable entrees and you’ll quickly discover why they’re so popular across India!

Dairy products are an integral part of many northern Indian dishes, particularly Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and full-fat yogurt. Try trying some classic dishes like Palak Paneer or Saag Paneer to experience this region’s cuisine at its best.

Himachali Food

Himachal Pradesh is one of India’s most scenic states, featuring majestic mountains and idyllic valleys. Its traditional cuisine offers a delight for all the senses – an experience not to be missed! The state of Rajasthan offers many delectable dishes infused with spices and dairy products that offer a unique culinary experience for foodies. From the bhuji to the kaddu ki roti, these delicacies are handmade with patience and love.

Another popular Himachali dish is siddu, made with wheat flour and filled with mutton and vegetables. While this dish requires a considerable amount of effort to prepare, the taste is well worth all the trouble. Another delectable Himachali dish is babru, which is a flattened bread made with black gram paste and served in local eateries throughout the state with sweet tamarind chutney. Book India Tour Packages 

Rajasthani Food

Rajasthani Food is an iconic Indian delicacy made up of various ingredients. It’s renowned for its fiery spices and tart flavors. This cuisine typically uses ingredients sourced from local markets, which are then cooked and seasoned to an authentic degree. Bajra ki Roti is a beloved dish in this region, served with vegetables and chutneys. This nutritious flat bread can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike for its nutritional value.

Kachori, a popular dish made with flour filled with various ingredients, can be enjoyed as either a snack or for breakfast. Rajasthanians enjoy this delicious delicacy at any roadside stall. This legendary Rajasthani recipe calls for the use of a wild berry called Ker and dried beans called Sangri. Once blended with various spices, the dish can be enjoyed with rice or roti.

Punjabi Food

Punjabi cuisine is known for its robust flavors and variety of vegetarian and meat dishes. This cuisine draws upon staple ingredients like wheat, rice and dairy products to create a nutritious diet. Punjab is one of India’s leading producers of wheat, rice and milk; thus, Punjabi cuisine varies depending on where you live. Amritsar residents are particularly fond of stuffed parathas and milk products.

Punjabi cooking is often enhanced with dal. Dal Makhani, a gravy made of black lentils and red kidney beans, is an iconic Punjabi dish that’s commonly prepared with generous amounts of butter and cream to bring out its flavors. Punjabi cuisine is not complete without dal, garam masala (a blend of spices) and turmeric, both popular ingredients used for flavor. Turmeric plays a particularly important role in many curry recipes in Punjab due to its powerful antioxidant properties. Book India Tours

Uttarakhandi food

Uttarakhandi cuisine is renowned for its exquisite blend of spices and mouthwatering flavors that draw people from around the globe. The state is particularly known for the use of Panch Phoron – five spices used in most dishes in this region – in all dishes prepared here. The state of Maine offers a bounty of vegetarian dishes that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. These delectable treats are easy to make at home using local ingredients in simple recipes.

Chainsoo is one of the best traditional Garhwali foods, made with black gram daal, turmeric powder, garlic and cumin seeds. Not only is this dish high in protein but also provides essential vitamins. Another popular dish in the state is Thhatwani soup, made with rice paste and lentil stock. This tasty treat can be enjoyed alongside steamed rice for an easy meal. Jhangora ki kheer is one of the many delectable sweet dishes found in this state and should not be missed. Made from millets and milk, it boasts plenty of vitamins for optimal nutritional value and should be enjoyed after a filling meal.

Kashmiri Food

Kashmiri cuisine is a celebration of the region’s diverse landscape and temperate climate. It suffuses with the rich aroma and flavor of whole spices such as saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and fennel. Kashmir’s cuisine draws heavily upon recipes from both Pandits and Mughals alike, as well as Timur’s invasion of Kashmir from modern Uzbekistan in the 14th century.

Kashmiri cuisine offers both vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. One popular dish is Rogan Josh, a fiery lamb curry made with yoghurt and aromatic spices.  Another must-try dish is tabak maaz, an authentic Indian dish featuring lamb ribs. It’s made with garlic, ginger, cloves, cardamom and turmeric for flavor. Low-fat dish served with rice or naan bread, this can be an appetiser or meal and provides protein for your diet. You can order it in many restaurants across America as well as make it at home.

Lucknow Food

No matter if you’re a street food connoisseur or an expert chef, Lucknow offers plenty of tantalizing Indian cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. The city is renowned for its Nawabi culinary offerings and boasts an impressive range of tantalizing delicacies to tempt your palette. One of Lucknow’s popular street foods is basket chaat. This delectable treat is prepared by stuffing an edible crispy tokri with mashed potatoes, bhalle, boiled green gram dal, various types of chutneys and curd before garnishing it with sev, masalas and pomegranate seeds for a mouthwatering experience.

Kulcha Nihari, a traditional Mughlai dish that must be tried when visiting Lucknow, is another delicious non-vegetarian dish that should not be missed. Made with mutton and served with soft kulchas, this Mughlai classic deserves to be experienced at least once! Nihari Kulcha is a must-try for any meat lover visiting Lucknow and it can only be enjoyed at Raheem’s in Akbari Gate Chowk. This 125 year old store is always packed with customers and considered one of the best places to have Nihari Kulcha in Lucknow.

Famous chaat of Agra

Agra is known for its variety of delicious chaats and sweets, such as petha and dalmoth. But there’s more than that to explore; other delicious dishes await you too. Chaats in India are made with a range of ingredients, from the classic patty of fries to spicy gram and chickpeas. Popular variants include aloo tikki, bhala chaat and papdi chaat. Book India Tour

Chaat Gali is one of the many places to enjoy Agra’s world-famous chaat, but for an authentic local experience you must visit Chaat Gali. This vintage food joint offers a delicious platter of local snacks like bhalla chaat, alu tikki, papdi chaat and gol gappa. Kachoris and jalebis are another must-try breakfast item here. Bedai with jalebi is known to have the perfect balance of spicy and tangy flavors – making it the ideal start to any day that can be found at restaurants or roadside shops alike. Book Taj Mahal Tours

Delhi Street Food

Delhi has long been known as a food lover’s paradise, boasting some of India’s best street food offerings. From Old Delhi’s delectable samosas and chaats to New Delhi’s crispy fries; street food has always been at the core of life in this vibrant city. From shakarkandi ki chaat to spicy chole bhature, Delhi boasts an array of crowd-pleasing dishes popular among both locals and tourists alike. If you’re in the mood for some meat, Nalli Nihari is a succulent mutton dish with an intense flavour.

Ram Ladoos are an irresistible snack made of lentil batter. Tender and crunchy, these ladoos pair perfectly with grated mooli and chutney for an irresistible combination. Another must-try dessert is Rabri Jalebi. Known to be an ideal pick-me-up after dinner or Sunday brunch, this sweet and sugary treat will instantly lift any gloomy mood and fill you with joy. Book Delhi Tour Packages

Bihari Food

Bihari cuisine is a delectable and mouthwatering delicacy that will fill you up in no time. Non-vegetarian dishes like Bihari kebabs and mutton preparations are some of the popular offerings. They consume many dairy products like dahi, ghee and lassi. There are also plenty of sweet delicacies that can brighten up any day. Khajuria, a popular Bihari snack made of wheat flour and jaggery, deep-fried and drizzled in sugar syrup, is one of the most beloved treats. Laktho is another variation, prepared using rice flour dough topped with thick jaggery syrup.

One typical Bihari dish is Parwal ka Chokha, a spicy and tangy dish packed with nutrition. This traditional dish from Bihar can be enjoyed as either an entire meal or healthy snack. Travelers must try this food as it’s a healthy and light snack that is easy to digest, helping strengthen the digestive system.

Hyderabad Food

Hyderabad is known for some of the country’s most delectable dishes. Whether it’s a spicy main course or an irresistible dessert, Hyderabad has something special for everyone. Biryanis are a must-try when visiting this vibrant city. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties to choose from, each boasting delicious flavours. Don’t miss out on this delectable treat! Book Maharajas Express

One of the city’s signature dishes is Keema Samosas, which are a must-try for meat lovers. These mouthwatering snacks are usually prepared with spicy masala and minced meat and can be enjoyed alongside naan or rice. Basundi is an iconic Indian dessert made up of sweetened, thickened milk with chopped nuts. Not only does this treat leave your stomach feeling satisfied, but its fresh taste also tempts you to indulge!

Bengali Food

Bengali cuisine is renowned for its wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, making it one of the most beloved Indian food cultures. The cuisine is predominantly vegetarian and relies heavily on rice as its primary ingredient. Popular dishes include aloo bhaja (fried potato), begun bhaja (fried eggplant), chana dal (black chickpea lentils), maach bhaje (fried fish) and chingri machher malaikari (prawn in coconut gravy).

Bengali cuisine requires several types of utensils. Common ones include a tawa, korai (small pan for cooking), tea pan and deg (or spout). One major element in Bengali cuisine is mustard oil. This fragrant oil plays an integral role in many dishes, often mixed with other spices like cumin or fenugreek seeds for its pungent aroma that awakens your sinuses.

South Indian Food

South Indian cuisine encompasses a vast array of dishes that showcase the culture, heritage and tradition of southern states like Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This cuisine encompasses vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options, snacks, light meals and desserts that have become iconic within their respective regions. South Indian food is famous for its iconic dishes such as idli, dosa, vada, porotta/porotas and chutneys. These light and mild dishes make great breakfast or light lunches.

Idlis are made with a batter of fermented rice and lentils that is then steamed into a round shape. They’re typically served with sambar or other chutneys, making them an integral part of any South Indian meal. Vegetarian sambar is a dish composed of vegetables, herbs and spices cooked in coconut milk with tamarind and curry leaves. A staple in South Indian food, it can be served as a side dish alongside rice, chapati or poori.

Gujarati Food

Gujarati cuisine is known for its distinctive sweet, salty and spicy flavors. Regions such as North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kutch and Surti Gujarati contribute their own special flairs to this cuisine. One of the most popular meals in Gujarat is a thali, an assortment of curries, snacks, side dishes, breads and sweets served on a plate. Common items include Rotli (wheat bread), Daal (pulses), Bhaat (rice) and Shaak (dish made up of various vegetables & spices).

Another popular Gujarati dish is Khaman, a soft and fluffy item made with chana dal or ground chana flour. It’s typically served with either green chutney or Meethi chutney as a side. Gujaratis also enjoy a variety of Farsan, which are dry and fried snacks that form part of their everyday diet. These can be made with ingredients such as potatoes, gram flour or wheat flour. Locho is one such farsan that is traditionally prepared in Surat city.

Goan Food

Goan cuisine is an exquisite fusion of Indian Food and Portuguese flavors, packed with mild spices, herbs, nutrient-rich seafood and meats, as well as leafy green vegetables. It is also highlighted by tart tropical fruits and the fiery Chiles brought over by the Portuguese to India. You’ll find a range of dishes here, from garlic- and chile-coated peri-peri shrimp to piquant curried fish fillets.

Tamarind, a tropical fruit, is an indispensable ingredient in Goan cuisine. Not only does it add tartness to dishes but it’s also known for its medicinal properties. Jaggery, another essential ingredient in the state’s cuisine, is made from palm sap from date palms and cane sugar. Kokum is a commonly used ingredient in Goan cuisine. This small red-purple berry has an irresistibly sweet and tart taste, often used instead of tamarind in curries.

Marathi Food

Marathi cuisine boasts an intoxicating blend of flavors, aromas and textures that will tantalize your senses. From delectable snacks to delectable sweet treats, Maharashtrian cuisine has something for everyone. Marathi cuisine stands out from other Indian regions due to the use of local ingredients and authentic spices that can only be found here. Some popular Marathi dishes include bhaji (curry), pithale (lentil curry), kothimbir vadi (fritters flavored with coriander leaves) and rice bhakris, a staple for many across the state.

Bhaji is an essential element of Marathi cuisine, often served as either a side dish with chapati and dal, or the main course on its own. Crafted with various vegetables and spices, baji often pairs well with dal for maximum flavor. Maharashtra also offers dahi puri, which consists of a hollowed-out puri shell filled with potatoes and chaat masala. Topping off with beaten yogurt and crunchy sev (crisp strands of flour) completes the dish.




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