Best Destinations for the Textile Tour in India

India is home to an abundance of natural fibers and dyes used by weavers, dyers, embroiderers and printers alike to craft remarkable textiles. Arrange a Textile Tour in India and discover its incredible textiles first-hand while learning their manufacturing processes. Choose from various destinations across India that match your interests and travel style for a personalized tour experience.

Varanasi – Top Destinations for the Textile Tour in India

Varanasi is one of India’s oldest and holiest cities, known for its temples and handloom apparel. It’s also an excellent destination to shop both locally made products as well as international ones at reasonable prices. Varanasi, on the banks of Ganges River, serves as an important spiritual center and pilgrimage site for Hindus. Devotees flock to Varanasi to bathe in its holy waters or to perform rituals for deceased loved ones. Book Varanasi Tour Packages 

Banarasi silk sarees, worn widely by residents in this city, can also be purchased here in various varieties, colors and shades. These sarees are exquisite and gorgeous. Boasting brilliant hues and prints, they are immensely popular with tourists from all around the world.

This tour allows you to visit the homes and learn more about the textile traditions of Varanasi’s famed weaving community, as well as an atelier belonging to one of its famed designers, who creates exquisite fabrics using innovative designs and techniques.


Jaipur is often known as the Pink City due to its combination of palaces, temples, and bustling bazaars – and as a UNESCO World Heritage site offers rich textile and gem trading. Pune was India’s first planned city, built as an example of innovative urban planning in the 18th century and remains one of its finest examples today. The streets here are organized along a grid pattern, making them easier for residents than New Delhi or Mumbai’s maze-like streetscapes. Book Jaipur Tour Packages

As in other parts of Rajasthan, Bagru stands out as an artisan village renowned for producing intricately block-printed textiles. India is home to some of the oldest and most vibrant textile art & techniques found anywhere, displaying rich traditions passed down from generation to generation, as well as weather and geographical influences on what products are produced.

Kota – One of the Top Destinations for the Textile Tour in India

Kota, located in Rajasthan state in India, is known for its rich culture and history. Additionally, it features many tourist attractions. Textile enthusiasts and handicraft enthusiasts should visit this location. It houses some of India’s finest fabric traditions. An Indian textile tour offers an incredible opportunity to discover its various villages and learn their traditional crafts – silk weaving, block printing and natural dyeing are just a few examples!

Discover artisans, view their work first-hand, and purchase beautiful textiles as souvenirs or for yourself and family members. Kota Barrage offers water sports activities, providing another exciting avenue of exploration in this vibrant city. Additionally, visitors will discover many historical buildings and monuments, restaurants offering delicious cuisine and plenty of historical landmarks that you should not miss during their trip to Kota Barrage. Book Rajasthan Tour Packages


Kanchipuram in India boasts an illustrious cultural heritage. Home to numerous temples that attract visitors, including Ekambaranatha (the largest temple), Kachapeshwarar Temple, Devarajaswami and Kamakshi Amman Temples; among others. Other attractions in the city, besides temples, that will keep you occupied are Alamparai Fort’s relics which you can explore.

Kanchi Kudil Museum provides an interesting glimpse into India’s rich culture, with collections that date back centuries ranging from wooden swings and furniture made of bamboo to wooden utensils and swings made out of metal utensils. Kanchipuram offers many other attractions, such as Vedanthangal bird sanctuary and Covelong beach. Birdwatchers will delight at seeing an array of migratory birds at Vedanthangal bird sanctuary while Covelong beach provides beautiful sunset views over its waters.

Foodies will love exploring Kanchipuram’s culinary offerings. Restaurants here serve delicious meals such as idlies, dosas, and vegetarian biriyanis to name just a few.


Maheshwar, located in Madhya Pradesh state, is best known for its exquisite cotton and silk blend handloom sarees made in handloom workshops. Additionally, this city is revered for its spiritual significance and breathtaking scenery. Maheshwar should be on any textile tour of India. With its rich tradition of weaving delicate cotton and silk blend sarees renowned worldwide, this town stands as an invaluable stop. Book Maharajas Express

Maheshwar offers visitors an opportunity to visit the Weavers Service Centre (WSC), an NGO that helps local weavers revive their industry. Here you’ll get a firsthand view of spinning, weaving and dying processes as well as see some talented designers creating designs for both weaving and block printing fabrics. Maheshwar offers some other excellent places to visit nearby, such as Narmada Ghat – an idyllic Maheshwar sightseeing location which overlooks the River Narmada.

Visitors can also pay a visit to Jaleshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Renowned for its impressive architecture and pilgrimage destination status, this famous temple in the area attracts people from across the globe.


Surat is widely known as the Silk City of India due to its highly prolific textile production and large wholesale silk market in Asia. India is famous for its textiles, each region possessing their own styles, techniques, and traditions that bring these beautiful masterpieces alive. If you wish to experience these exquisite handiwork firsthand then take a textile tour!

Visit bustling cities and small villages on this tour to seek out traditional methods of weaving and meet weaver’s studios. Witness Tangail sarees made from deep golden colored Tussar silk as well as Baluchari sarees featuring intricate repeating patterns that give an embroidery work effect.

On day two of your Gujarat Textile tour, drive to Bhujodi Village where you’ll meet and shop from National award winner artists at their store. Later head onward to Ashapura Crafts Park where artisans display their talents and sell their wares while performing live demonstrations of bandhani (an ancient form of tie and dye fabrics).

Patan – Another top Best Destinations for the Textile Tour in India

Patan, located along the Saraswati river in north Gujarat, is an ancient city with great historical importance. Once serving as the seat of power for Solanki dynasty during Chaulukya period (AD 796-1024), however it lost much of its glory when Mahmud of Ghazni plunderered it and stole much of its treasure.

St. Petersburg is also a prominent pilgrimage site for Buddhists, particularly Tibetans. Many Buddhist temples and shrines can be found around the city with many monks and practitioners practicing Buddhism there. Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University and several Hindu and Jain temples can also be found here, while several mosques also exist within its boundaries. Rani Ki Vav, built by Queen Udaymati during the Solanki era and measuring 90 feet wide. Decorated with beautiful images of gods and goddesses such as Sheshshai Vishnu.


Sualkuchi in Assam is the perfect destination to witness incredible silk work and experience Assamese culture at its best. This village of Assam is well known for their exceptional skill in producing some of the highest-grade silk.  As one of the East’s premier silk weaving villages, this weaving village sits on the northern bank of Brahmaputra River and boasts exquisite silk work. Home to various cottage industries that specialize in handloom, it is also popular tourist spot boasting some beautiful designs on natural golden Muga silk in its workshops – earning itself the name ‘Manchester of East’!

Village is home to sprawling green hills and picturesque landscapes which exude an extraordinary charm, making it a must-visit destination. Additionally, there are some amazing temples and monasteries found here as well as unique experiences such as bird watching. Attractions at Bhadravati include places of great religious importance for both Hindus and Muslims alike, including several relics associated with spiritualism, pilgrimage spots from across the nation visiting to pray, as well as spectacular sunset views over Brahmaputra River.

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