Amazing Things to Do In Goa Trip

History lovers shouldn’t miss a trip to Goa State Museum; its collection includes statues, precious coins and rare texts that make for fascinating viewing. Foodies will enjoy sampling the local seafood dishes such as pomfret recheado, xacuti and batter-fried mussels. Don’t miss the opportunity to join a crab fishing tour on the backwaters! Get to know things to do in Goa Trip.

Visit Spectacular Beaches

Goa’s beaches are one of the top attractions, drawing crowds year-round; however, further south are more peaceful spots where visitors can soak up some sun and surf without crowding your schedule too much.

Benaulim Beach in Goa’s far southern region is an idyllic crescent-shaped stretch backed by coconut palm groves and green paddy fields, offering simple seafood shacks along its tranquil stretch of white sand beach. Book Maharajas Express

Do not miss the chance of taking a boat tour and seeing Mugger crocodiles in their natural environment! Or catch a ferry to Dudhsagar Falls to get close up views of its breathtaking cascading waterfalls.

Try Goan cuisine by trying xacuti, a rich curry made of poppy seeds, chilies, and coconut that’s widely available across Goa at restaurants like Copperleaf in Porvorim or Souza Lobo in Calangute. Tourists in search of fresh seafood won’t go unsatisfied as Zeebop on Utorda Beach offers delicious fish curry and prawn stew, while their famous grilled mackerel drizzled in fiery red sauce should also not be missed.

Enjoy Water Sports

Goa is an ideal location for adrenaline seekers and water sport enthusiasts, offering everything from parasailing and jet skiing to banana boat rides – an exciting activity suitable for both adults and children alike!

It is best to enjoy these activities from November to February when both weather and sea conditions are favorable for swimming, sailing and other water-based activities. If you intend on trying some form of water sport activity it would be advisable to book tickets well in advance.

Explore India’s remarkable wildlife at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, home to black leopards, Bengal tigers and Malabar giant squirrels among many other exciting animals such as black leopards, Bengal tigers and Malabar giant squirrels. Nature enthusiasts will also appreciate seeing an Indian rock python or ruby-throated yellow bulbul (Goa’s state bird). Finally, no trip to Goa would be complete without sampling some delicious seafood such as grilled kingfish, pomfret recheado and batter-fried calamari. Then there are numerous signature cocktails from local bars as well!

Visit the Casino’s

Goa’s casinos are a favorite destination for visitors looking to test their luck. One such luxurious gambling haven is The Deltin Jaqk on a ship moored on the Mandovi River; here you will find an array of games and foods reminiscent of Las Vegas, such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack and poker enthusiasts as well as world-class tournaments hosted by this Indian version of Las Vegas.

At the Casino, other activities that can be enjoyed include mini golfing, shopping at the gift shop and watching an exceptional dance performance by local artist. If you prefer more peace and tranquility, Mandrem Beach – also known as Lover’s Paradise for its gorgeous clear waters and colorful beach huts – might be more suitable. Alternatively, learning Goan cuisine with Siolim House’s cooking class and then visiting Mapusa Friday Market gives an authentic Goan culture experience as you shop souvenirs such as cashew nuts (feni), cashew nuts (feni), hand painted ceramics etc.

Relish the Street Food

Few things offer more immersion into culture than food, which is exactly what this Goan culinary tour provides. Along your tour of Goa by foot with an expert guide, you will have an opportunity to sample an array of local delicacies. Book Goa Tour Packages

Goa is well known as both a beach destination and culinary capital of India, so visiting its spice plantations to get a taste of Goa’s cuisine will provide you with plenty of opportunities for sampling unique spices such as black peppercorn, cardamom pods and cloves.

Goan cuisine features mouthwatering seafood dishes. Goans love their fishes, so you’re bound to find plenty of dishes featuring pomfret, tuna, sardine, shark and crab dishes at Fat Fish in Calangute – where some of the most delectable meals await.

Goa is known for its delicious seafood, but also boasts some of the best snacks in India. There is an array of snacks available throughout Goa at various stalls; try Sandeep Gaddo near Singbal bookshop in Panaji for ros omelette or head over to Mapusa to a random unnamed stall and have some clam xacuti!

Get Some Blessings from God

Goa offers plenty of opportunities for visitors looking for spirituality. Ancient settlers of this west Indian state were very generous with this land of nature, building numerous churches, chapels and temples – one such religious icon is Basilica of Bom Jesus for experiencing an air of spirituality that pervades this historic state.

Goa is also an enchanting oasis of culture and art. Experience local music and dance in a Tiatr class or trance party; try your hand at painting traditional Goan Tiatrs; volunteer to help animals at Siolim’s Welfare for Animals – there is much to discover here!

Goa offers retail therapy enthusiasts an abundance of shopping opportunities. Find everything from beachwear and shoes, spices and dried fruit here – and don’t miss touring one of its spice plantations for an immersive sensory experience!

Bird Watching

Goa draws thousands of tourists each day for its beaches, shacks and parties; but did you know it’s also home to several bird species?

Goa offers plenty of places for birding enthusiasts, including the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Molem National Park. Here you’ll see various birds like black-headed gulls and ruby-throated yellow bulbuls – Goa’s state bird! Book India Tour Packages

Carambolim Lake near Velha or Old Goa offers another great spot for birding in Goa, offering many species of birds to see. Boat is the best way to access this location!

Make the most of your experience and bring along binoculars and camera for an unforgettable crocodile safari and birds-watching boat tour of Goa to witness all its wildlife, such as birds and reptiles! Take home photos that will leave an insta-worthy impact; bring binoculars as well for maximum photo opps. Enjoy!

Go for a Bike Ride

Goa is the ideal place for cyclists. There are various bike tours that take riders through forests and along beaches; just make sure that you wear protective gear and have a helmet! Cycling provides both exercise and sightseeing at once.

Kayaking is another enjoyable activity you can try during your visit to Goa, offering the chance to connect with nature while exploring its magnificent sights. Additionally, snorkeling and dolphin safari trips should not be missed!

Goa may be best known for its beautiful beaches and wild parties, but there’s much more to this West Indian state than meets the eye. Discover its tranquil backwaters and rich history on a road bike tour; learn to cook Goan cuisine during a cooking class; spot wildlife during a crocodile safari; dance the night away at a trance party; or even help out at the Siolim Animal Rescue Centre – and give back by volunteering!

Go for Paragliding

Height lovers must experience Goa’s thrilling sport of parasailing! It will give your nerves an exhilarating rush & will provide an unforgettable experience. Available at Arambol Beach near Arambol.

Not everyone knows that Goa offers this incredible opportunity, but it is. Flying is a fantastic way to gain a birds-eye view of its entirety; whether with friends or your significant other it makes for an incredible experience.

Other activities you should enjoy while visiting Anjuna include taking a boat tour of Sinquerim Bay to spot dolphins, getting a henna tattoo (at an exquisite shack!), relaxing at Calangute Beach where herds of cows sunbathe alongside tourists, taking part in cooking classes with local recipes taught in a class, visiting Sahakari Spice Farm to see the world’s hottest chilli pepper and rejuvenating your mind and body with ancient holistic healing at an Ayurvedic spa, shopping Anjuna flea markets with its tempting displays of beautiful textiles, woven bikinis sculptures of deities as well as dreamcatchers hammocks hammocks magnets and more all waiting to make this unforgettable adventure anjuna will not disappoint you when visiting this delightful destination!

Ink a tattoo

Goa’s high tourist density has resulted in the establishment of an innovative tattoo culture. No longer seen as expressions of teenage rebellion or aggression, tattoos now respectable artworks can be found throughout Goa with some of India’s best artists found there.

Krish Tattoo Studio in Calangute is run by two brothers who are well known for their willingness to experiment while keeping incredibly clean and hygienic practices. Furthermore, their clients’ health and safety always comes first!

Duncan can create your ideal tattoo, whether intricate, small or cover up. His work is contemporary and aesthetically pleasing; his specialty lies in creating personal yet meaningful illustrative designs as well as having a strong focus on realism. Duncan has over 13 years of experience as one of Goa’s leading tattooists specializing in freehand work Celtic tribal new school Japanese portrait designs as well as portraiture.

Party until Morning

Goa is famous not only for its stunning sunsets on sandy beaches but also as India’s party capital. Here you can spend your nights dancing to vibrant beats at clubs or trying your luck in casinos.

Sunburn nightclub in Goa is probably the most famous, offering an open air dancefloor and DJs playing music from trance to house genres.

Leopard Valley offers an idyllic location for anyone interested in experiencing some psychedelic trance music.

Relax on the beach with a cocktail in hand or visit one of the local restaurants to try delicious local food, shop in quaint downtown Portuguese alleys of Panjim or even take an adventurous hot air balloon ride and witness its sunrise from above!

Shack Up

Goa’s beach shacks provide the ideal place for relaxing on soft sand while sipping chilled beer and snacking on fresh seafood, with nightly parties featuring great music and dancing after sundown.

At Morjem- Ashvem stretch, this shack is beloved among locals due to its amazing food and beverages. From delicious grilled fish, pomfret recheado and batter-fried calamari dishes, to their irresistibly delectable strawberry tart and Irish coffee desserts – they will leave you wanting more!

Star Wars Shack lives up to its name with its relaxed ambience and traditional wooden decors, making it a popular spot among travellers looking for somewhere relaxing yet delicious to dine and unwind in beautiful surroundings. Additionally, this eatery provides vegetarian-friendly dishes, along with offering some of the finest cocktails in town at their bar.

Take the Mandovi River Cruise

Kerala may get all of the credit when it comes to backwaters, but Goa also boasts some scenic backwaters worth visiting. Take a cruise down Mandovi River for an enjoyable day trip – perfect if travelling with children!

Dolphin spotting can be a lot of fun; Goa is home to numerous dolphins that can be seen leaping between sea and land, providing ample opportunity for this activity. There are numerous tour operators offering dolphin-watching trips.

Not many people know that hot air ballooning is available in Goa! It is an incredible experience that is ideal for couples, families and groups of any kind – book a sunrise ride and experience breathtaking views from above.

Discover the Goan Heritage

Goa may be famous for its beaches – with people building sand castles, running after tiny crabs, and collecting sea shells – but its rich heritage should also be explored. Discover its 17th-century Portuguese colonial past at Old Goa churches or experience nature from an entirely different viewpoint on a river cruise along Zuari, Mandovi or Sal backwaters.

Visit Goa’s state museum to gain further insight into its past; its collection includes bronze artworks, coins and Jain sculptures as well as an offbeat trek leading you past Dudhsagar Waterfall for stunning views of both waterfall and surrounding forest. Or trek along Dudhsagar Waterfall Trail which promises stunning waterfall and forest vistas!

If you’re seeking something with more spiritual significance, visit the Mangeshi Temple – an elegant sanctum dedicated to one of Shiva’s incarnations – where devotees come and worship her statue.

Witness Turtle Nesting

Visit Goa in November or December and witness turtle nesting! Olive Ridley turtles will be laying eggs at beaches across Goa; watch Morjim, Mandrem, Agonda Talpona Galgibag beaches specifically to see this phenomenon unfolding!

Goa’s abundant wildlife makes it a fantastic destination for nature enthusiasts, and is particularly impressive at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Molem National Park where nature enthusiasts can discover Goa’s biodiversity. You may spot panthers, bears, deer, wild boar, Malabar giant squirrels and slender lorises here.

Go boating to witness some mighty Mugger Crocodiles that live in and around Goa’s calm waters – be sure to wear a life jacket and exercise caution near any water’s edge!

Goa Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin-spotting in Goa’s tranquil waters can be the ultimate relaxation experience – don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness aquatic mammals swim and jump freely in their native habitat! Capture these unforgettable moments on camera to take home with you as memories.

Tiatrs are must-see performances in Goa that feature dance, music, political satire and comedy – captivating audiences while instilling an appreciation of Indian tradition.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute must for nature lovers as it houses several rare and endangered species and flora. You can take a guided tour with experts or ask local fisherman to take you out on their boats for an affordable fee – this activity will give your kids an unforgettable experience that they will always remember!

Shop at the Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market is an essential stop for both avid shoppers and tourists. One of Goa’s most celebrated markets, it features everything from jewelry and clothes to beachwear and statues of Buddha and Shiva. Unfortunately it has become quite touristy; don’t expect too much bargaining here but don’t let that deter you! Visiting is still fun!

Take a boat trip along North Goa waters to spot dolphins for an unforgettable experience that the whole family will remember fondly. This offbeat activity makes for great memories as not many people participate.

Palolem offers an unforgettable beach party experience at its Silent Party, complete with glitter and glamour on an otherwise silent dance floor. While dancing to beats only audible through headphones, enjoy watching an astonishing Tiatr Show that brings dance, music, comedy and political satire into one captivating package.

Try the Goan Delicacies

Goan street food stands apart from its counterparts at home in that it is bold in flavour and full of spices. Try one of the famous chicken cutlet pavs which serve fried tender chicken legs coated in vinegar; or the Ros Omlette Pao with its coconut-based curry and soft pocket of Choriz (local Goan bread).

Visit Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is an absolute must for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Home to an array of endangered animals and an ideal destination for birding enthusiasts alike.

One of the best experiences available in Goa is taking a boat tour to watch dolphins off Sinquerim beach. This activity is ideal for families and provides an unforgettable opportunity to discover another side of Goa, all for only Rs 100/person! What’s more, this activity is both enjoyable and affordable; enjoy sipping fresh lime soda or cashew feni while watching these amazing aquatic mammals! It will remain unforgettable.

Enjoy a Silent Party

Goa is famous for its incredible sunsets and tiatrs, but there is much more to this West Indian state than meets the eye. Goa offers many unforgettable experiences and activities which make it a unique holiday destination.

One such experience can be found at Palolem Beach’s Silent Party – featuring all the glitz and glamor of a regular party but featuring beats delivered via headphones instead of speakers! A truly unforgettable and very enjoyable experience!

One exciting way to explore nature and spot dolphins at their finest is with a dolphin safari. As you ride on a boat, you can witness these remarkable marine creatures at play!

Goa’s rich history can be explored at the Goan State Museum. Here, visitors will discover an eclectic array of statues, precious coins, religious texts and scared texts as well as much more. Also be sure to stop by Basilica of Bom Jesus; its architectural brilliance has earned it World Heritage Site status from UNESCO.

Spice Plantation Tour

Visits to a spice plantation are an invaluable way of learning more about local culture and meeting its residents. Here, you will be able to meet and get to know locals while gathering an in-depth understanding of their traditions, food, arts, and costumes – not forgetting their warm hospitality as they share their culture with you and offer tips for making the most out of your visit.

Spice plantations visits offer both adults and children an engaging learning experience. Visitors will get to witness and smell various fruits, spices, trees and shrubs such as cinnamon, black pepper, green cardamom mace vanilla nutmeg coriander plus enjoy delicious fruit juices like pineapple papaya guava.

Goa offers some truly spectacular activities for visitors looking to relax and rejuvenate, including cycling along its lush greenery and listening to the birds sing their melodies. Be sure to stop by Tropical Spice Plantation Butterfly Conservatory too and witness their exquisite wings.

Dudhsagar Trek and camping

Visit Dudhsagar waterfall (meaning the Sea of Milk) is one of the top musts on any Goa itinerary. This four-tiered cascade makes an awe-inspiring sight during monsoon season when its waters turn milky-white amidst verdant greenery; even more impressively it was featured prominently in Bollywood film Chennai Express!

Anjuna Market is an irresistibly vibrant flea market full of ornate textiles, intricate bikinis, dreamcatchers, hammocks, magnets with humorous slogans, dreamcatchers and much more! An excellent day trip with friends.

Houseboat tours provide the ideal way to witness Goa from an unforgettable perspective while at the same time providing ample opportunity for bird watching and delicious dining on-board. A dolphin safari also makes for a wonderful excursion, taking 20-seater ferries out into the sea in search of Indo Pacific dolphins and finless porpoises – great options if you want something truly relaxing!

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