If you are looking for the most adventure things to do in Mumbai, here are some of the best places you can go. You can go trekking at Lohagad, have a Jeep safari in Chandrapur, or go River Rafting in Kolad. No matter what kind of extreme sport you are into, there is something for everyone. From hiking to zip lining, these are the places to be if you want to have a thrilling adventure.

Trekking at Lohagad

If you are looking for a weekend getaway, you can take a trek at the Lohagad fort, which is one of the Top Adventure Things to Do in Mumbai. The fort, which was once home to Nana Phadanwis, is now a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. If you are planning a weekend trip from Mumbai, you can start the trip from your hotel, railway station, or airport. You can choose between two different routes to reach the fort.

The Lohagad fort is an iconic tourist attraction in the area. The historical citadel is located in the Lonavala district of Maharashtra. Lohagad means ‘Iron Fort’, and its rich history and architectural brilliance make it a must-visit destination for trekking enthusiasts. The fort is located on a high ridge, dividing the Indrayani river basin. Book NowMumbai Tour Packages

Jeep Safari at Chandrapur

Located about 30 kilometers from Mumbai, the Chandrapur National Park is a popular destination for visitors who are looking for a unique experience.  This is one of the Top Adventure Things to Do in Mumbai. The park is home to 22 species of mammals and more than 250 species of birds. You can spot tigers, sloth bears, leopards, and honey badgers on a jeep safari. These animal-spotting tours are available only during the morning and late afternoon.

You can also go on a toy train ride. The journey from Mumbai to Chandrapur is about two hours long, and you can see up to 38 views from the mountain. This is one of the most adventure things to do in Mumbai. There are many buses that run to the nearby towns of Nagpur and Chandrapur. Cab services are available in large numbers as well.

If you love the outdoors, a jeep safari in Maharashtra is an experience not to be missed. This experience is perfect for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. A tour of the park involves an open jeep safari through the jungles, where you’ll see tigers and a variety of other mammals. Throughout the day, you’ll be in awe of the beauty and wonders of the area. Book India Tour Packages

Hiking in Matheran- One of the Top Adventure Things to Do in Mumbai One Tree Hill Point Matheran Trek I Book Online & Save 35%

There are many attractions in Matheran. You can hike to 38 viewpoints in this beautiful mountainous area, explore Panthers’ Caves and the Western Ghats, and see some of the city’s best sights. The terrain is dotted with wildflowers, and hiking in Matheran is an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure things to do in Mumbai, Matheran is the perfect destination for you.

The hill station of Matheran in Maharashtra is located in the Western Ghats. It’s a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors will love the beauty of the region, especially during monsoon season, when the forest is covered in lush greenery. There are plenty of fun activities to do in Matheran, but hiking is perhaps the most exciting.

While you’re hiking in Matheran, you’ll be amazed by the mountainside’s soaring peaks and rocky terrain. There are uninhabited caves, including a tiger and a panther, and a small shrine. The nearby Charlotte Lake and Holy Cross Church are excellent locations for bird watching. And if you love a good hike, consider exploring Matheran’s historic fort.

River Rafting in Kolad

River Rafting in Kolad is the perfect weekend getaway for adventure lovers. With a combination of adrenaline and excitement, river rafting is a thrilling experience. The scenic landscape, beautiful beaches and fun-filled activities make this destination an adventure junkie’s paradise. Here are some tips for enjoying river rafting in Kolad on a budget. If you’re planning to visit Kolad, you should book a Mumbai tour in advance.

You can choose from different packages of River Rafting in Kolad, which include various water sports activities, such as zip-lining, banana rides, and river crossing. You can also opt for team-building games like Trust walk, rafting games, and more. You can also book a tent and join a team-building activity. The cost of the activities vary by duration and activity. While you’re in Kolad, you’ll need to bring at least one person.

The distance between Mumbai and Kolad is 120 km, which makes the journey take about two and a half hours. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll need to rent a car or hire a cab, but you can also drive yourself. The roads leading to Kolad are scenic, so it’s recommended to take the Vashi-Karnala route. If you’re traveling by train, you can also choose the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and exit at Khapoli.

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Waterfall Rappelling in Karjat

The best time to go waterfall rappelling in Karjat is during the rainy season, when the water level is high enough to allow you to safely descend a steep fall. This sport is primarily used by rock climbers and canyoneers, and has recently become a popular recreation in the city. During the rainy season, the waterfalls are especially beautiful and are perfect for this activity.

To participate in waterfall rappelling, you must be physically fit and ready to take on some challenging physical activities. You must wear the appropriate clothing – full bodysuits for women, dark clothing for men. You should also bring a waterproof pouch, a Go Pro, and plenty of dry clothes. Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to waterfall rappelling, so make sure you have all the right equipment before you sign up. Book Maharajas Express

To complete this exciting activity, you must take at least two days for it. You can choose a single day trip or a two-day tour to experience waterfall rappelling in Karjat. For a more adventurous experience, you can also visit the nearby town of Kolad. Located about 120 km from Mumbai, Kolad is an excellent choice for those looking for outdoor activities adventure things to do in Mumbai.

Go-Karting in Hakone

While Mumbai has several attractions, Go-Karting in Hakone ranks at the top among the most thrilling and adrenaline-rushing activities. The two types of karts are power and normal ones. Power karts have higher CCS and can go faster than the usual ones. There is also remote control, which is especially helpful in an emergency. The track at Hakone is small, but you’ll love the fact that it’s fully-cemented and safe.

If you’re looking for a thrill, go-karting is a fun way to experience the excitement and thrill of a real F1 race. You’ll feel like a real racer with the safety of a professional racer, and the thrill is a real adrenaline rush! You can try go-karting in Mumbai at Hakone in Powai, Smaash in Lower Parel, and Go Karting in Colaba. Remember to book your go-karting experience well in advance, especially on weekends.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can visit Powai or Hakone. Go-Karting in Hakone is one of the most affordable activities to do in Mumbai. While you’re in Hakone, you can try Go-Karting in Hakone for a few hundred rupees, depending on the number of laps you take. The track is 200 meters long, and it is a safe and fun way to experience the thrill of racing without the risks.

Mud Rush in Mumbai 10 Things To Know About The Maddening Mud Rush 2016! - Sherpa Land

If you’re a Mumbai local looking for a fun family outing, consider taking your children to Mud Rush in Mumbai. The five-kilometer course is a combination of walking, crawling, climbing, and sheer grit. The mud, water, and competition are guaranteed to get your heart pumping! While you’ll definitely be sweating, you’ll also have a blast. And if you’re not a competitive racer, consider entering a Mud Rush for fun.

The team behind Mud Rush is a group of mud enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies who make the obstacle races a great way to burn off some steam. You’ll have to be up for the challenge, but the good news is that you can join the event for free! If you’re looking for a fun family outing in Mumbai, the Mud Rush Team has a few different options for you to choose from.

You can also participate in the Mud Rush in Mumbai as a team or as an individual. It’s an all-terrain, marathon-style fun run where you’ll be running through mud, water bodies, and tyres. There are also multiple obstacles and mud pits, as well as a sundowner party. Children over ten can also participate with the consent of their parents, and they don’t have to complete all of them to have a great time.

Wild Camping in Lonavala

If you are looking for an exciting and different way to spend your weekend in Mumbai, you should go camping in Lonavala. This scenic hill station is easily accessible by road from Mumbai. You will enjoy a peaceful camping experience at a beautiful lake. You can camp with your family or go on a date with your partner. If you’re traveling with friends, you can also plan a fun music night in the park or go stargazing at a stunning view.

You can hire a jeep to take you to Lonavala. You can also rent a private one from the railway station. The cost will be around 1000 rupees per jeep. Once you’re ready to go camping, head out on the trail. You’ll be surprised at how beautiful the nature is here! You can camp under the stars at a picturesque location, with stunning views of the mountains and the backwaters of the Shirota Dam.

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