Shopping in South India – Handicraft, Artifacts, Painting

If you are planing for South India Tour Packages for the first time, you may be wondering about shopping in South India. There are so many choices! From Aroma Oil to Essential Oil, there is something for everyone! Here are a few things to consider while visiting South India. You can also find some interesting artifacts in Mahabalipuram and Tanjore. After exploring the beauty of this region, you’ll be ready to shop for homewares!

While in India, you can buy an endless number of items, from handmade paper to seashell articles to bamboo souvenirs. Indian textiles are the country’s biggest export, and there are countless types to choose from. In addition to the ubiquitous sarees and cotton saris, you can also purchase high-end items like beaded necklaces and handcrafted items. Besides textiles, you can also purchase some high-end handcrafted items, such as khadi, a hand-woven fabric.

Aroma Oil or Aromatherapy Oil Essential Oil

If you are looking to buy quality essential oil, India is one of the best places to do it. There are many sources of these oils, including the plant itself. If you are looking for something specific, you can search for the oil by its Latin name. Essential oils are usually packaged in dark glass bottles. The labels should clearly state the plant parts that were used, and the methods of extraction and growth. If you are new to the art of essential oil usage, it is important to seek advice from a healthcare professional, such as a certified aromatherapist or clinical herbalist.

Lavender oil is widely used in aromatherapy. Its anti-anxiety and stress-relieving properties make it a great choice for calming the mind before sleep. Lavender oil has been known to relieve headaches, menstrual disorders, and insomnia. Lavender oil is also used in the treatment of physical ailments, such as boils, eczema, sunburn, and psoriasis.

Artifacts of Mahabalipuram  Mahabalipuram, architectural masterpieces - MAGIK INDIA

If you are looking for a unique and interesting place to visit in South India, Mahabalipuram might be the perfect destination. Located 60 kilometers south of Chennai, this historic town is home to some of the oldest architectural structures in the country. In addition to ancient architecture, the area also boasts of a rich history, tracing its roots back to the Pallava dynasty.

The city’s sculptural treasures are well-known, and they have spread throughout Southeast Asia. Some of the most popular artifacts from Mahabalipuram include statues of lions, elephants, and tigers, as well as rock carvings. The city also features a large number of replica artifacts ranging from simple animal structures to deities and home decor pieces of all kinds.

A stone that is more than a thousand years old is placed in an unusual position. It is about five meters long and twenty feet high. The ancient stone was left in place by a changing shoreline. Archaeologists date it to the 7th century, and tourists and locals flock to see it. In the midst of a tumultuous history, this enigma is worth exploring. Book Maharajas Express

Tanjore Painting

When considering buying a Tanjore Painting, the price can be a determining factor. While most consumers are unlikely to be able to tell the difference between a good quality Tanjore painting and a cheap copy, there are some factors that will help you decide what kind of Tanjore painting to buy in South India. Quality and beauty are the key factors, but the price also depends on the artist’s skill and technique. The artist must use traditional drawing techniques in order to portray mudras, face, and eyes. Paintings that are altered to enhance the color scheme or design will not affect the price. In general, the place of purchase will be the largest determining factor.

A quality Tanjore Painting will be framed in a wooden frame and will contain genuine 22-carat gold and semi-precious stones from Jaipur. The technique of making these paintings is still considered sacred and requires a great deal of perseverance. Most artists choose to remain anonymous, but not all. Some of them even choose to not sign their paintings. These paintings are worth the investment, however.

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Artifacts of Mahabalipuram

The ancient town of Mahabalipuram in the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu, India, is an important cultural and historical center. This UNESCO World Heritage site was a center of art, architecture, and literature for thousands of years before the Pallava dynasty took control of southern India. Interestingly, the city had a strong trade connection with the Romans, as evidenced by the significant number of coins found in the area.

The Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram contains all elements necessary to express Outstanding Universal Value, including mandapas, rathas, and excavated temples of the Pallava dynasty. The group of monuments is in a good state of conservation. The Archeological Survey of India monitors the property for possible threats to its integrity, such as encroachment and unauthorized constructions in restricted/regulated areas.

On February 17, 2005, the Archaeological Survey of India sent divers to the site’s Seven Pagodas. The name Seven Pagodas is derived from the myth that six other temples stood with the Shore Temple in the eighth century C.E. Those statues were later discovered during an underwater excavation. A comprehensive survey is ongoing, but it has been deemed worthwhile to document these treasures for future generations.

Kanchipuram Saree Silk                       Pure kanchipuram silk sarees online | Pattu sarees | Traditional Silk sarees, Wedding Silk Sarees, Fancy Silk sarees, Silk cotton Sarees.

One of the most coveted items of Indian fashion, Kanchipuram silk sarees are an integral part of almost every culture of South India. The sarees’ exquisite patterns and superb silk texture make them an ideal choice for the occasion. Because the silk is woven in Kanchipuram city, you are guaranteed of quality. This region of India is known for its adherence to time and meticulousness.

The price range of Kanchipuram silk sarees varies. They can cost anywhere from six-fifty rupees for a simple border design to more than 40,000 rupees for more elaborate designs. But no matter how much you are willing to spend on a beautiful piece of Indian clothing, you will be delighted with the quality and look of your new saree.

The history of Kanchipuram silk sarees is as ancient as it is enchanting. The sarees were woven by the descendants of Sage Markanda, who was considered the master weaver of the Gods. Pattu sarees are especially renowned for their richness and beauty. They are woven with three shuttles and are characterized by exquisite zari work.

Kathakali Mask

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir from South India, consider purchasing a Kathakali Mask. These handcrafted, colorful masks are used by dancers during Kathakali shows and are available for purchase in the city. The masks are made from paper mache, plaster of Paris, or clay. The base is painted green. The mask’s eyes and nose are decorated with beads. This art form has captured the hearts of many domestic and international tourists for generations.

Traditionally, a troupe of kathakali performers was made up of all male actors. Although the actors perform in Sanskrit, the actors speak the local language of Malayalam. The costumes and make-up used in Kathakali vary widely depending on the character and the region. However, you can find several important performers in the region. Listed below are some of the most popular masks available in South India.

Nettoor Casket

You’re in South India, but you have no idea where to find the best Nettoor Casket. You might want to visit Kerala, and the Kerala pavilion is a sight to behold. This state-sponsored trade fair attracts hundreds of visitors each day, and it’s impossible to miss. Visit the pavilion in Kollam, and you’ll be awed by the craftsmanship and awestruck by the unique style of the Nettoor Casket.

In addition to the traditional Kerala Nettoor Casket, you can also purchase the elegant Amadapetti, a jewel box that is based on ancient architectural principles. It contains seven separate pieces of wood in the lower half and four parts in the top. The wood is quality and comes from all over the state, including Mahogany and Rosewood. Moreover, the nails are well-done and are incredibly sturdy.

Coconut Shell Handicraft Easy Coconut Craft in 2021 – Swadesi

If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, look no further than a coconut shell product. From bowls to vases to teapots and key holders, coconut shell products are handmade by skilled artisans in the southern Indian state of Kerala. You can purchase them for your home as a beautiful interior decor item, or as a perfect gift for a friend or family member. The versatility of coconut shell crafts means that there is a perfect item for anyone on your shopping list.

While the coconut tree is grown widely in Kerala, other coastal Indian states such as Tamil Nadu and Bengal are also home to artisans who make beautiful pieces from the shell. In fact, you can even buy a coconut shell bangle or a tassel necklace made from this material. Indway Exports, a company specializing in Indian handicrafts, has a presence throughout India.

Handmade Paper

If you’re looking for a handmade paper that’s environmentally friendly, look no further than Southern India. This region is home to several hand-made paper producers. Many of these businesses utilize recycled and renewable resources, like the leaves of native trees. They produce paper in a variety of weights and colors, and many of them are available as stationery, jewelry, or works of art. There’s a paper shop for you in every region, from Kerala to Nepal.

Auroville Papers is considered the pioneer of handmade paper in India. The eco-friendly business combines recycled paper with natural fibers to make sheets that are both durable and beautiful. 100% long fiber cotton rags are used to make their sheets, which are considered the finest handmade paper available. Each piece of paper is hand-sorted by hand to ensure the quality of the fibers. After the rags are sorted, the paper is shortened using a Hollander beater.

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Ceramic Items

The art of ceramics in India dates back to the ancient Harappan era. From this period onwards, ceramics in India have been an integral part of Indian sculpture. Those from Chhattisgarh and other states of the south deserve worldwide recognition. In addition, the terracotta pottery of West Bengal and Chhattisgarh deserve special mention for its intricate details. Bishnupur is renowned for its terracotta temples and terracotta figurines.

In addition to the traditional forms of pottery, ceramic items are made in a variety of colors and styles. Ceramic jewelry and table accessories are available as a result of studio potters’ experiments. This ancient clay craft has also found its way into the world of urban architecture. Modern techniques include slip casting, which is a mass production technique for intricate shapes and smaller pieces. In addition, modern kilns run on electricity or gas and produce cleaner, more consistent wares.

While visiting South India, do not forget to purchase ceramic items. The region is famous for its ceramics, and you can find some fantastic pieces of tableware, from small mugs to ceramic figurines. Many of the ceramics are handcrafted by artisans who live and work in the area. The Little Goldfish is one such artist in Kerala, and she sells her whimsical tableware through social media. It’s worth checking out the Instagram account to see what other people are selling in this region.

Seashell Articles

While visiting the beaches of Kerala and Goa, you might want to take a look at the amazing varieties of shells on sale. The shells found there are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also extremely useful in home decor and craft items. If you are visiting Kerala, you might even want to consider purchasing a piece of seashell jewelry or a set of decorative seashell utensils.

Seashell craft in India is an old tradition that helps translate innovative ideas into useful products and surface recreation. This art is also associated with the Portuguese period, especially Goa, where sea shells were used extensively to decorate buildings. Other products made of sea shells are chandeliers, mirror frames, pot hangers, and posters. Using chemicals, sea shells are cleaned and given an ornamental look. You can purchase them at any of the beachfront resorts in South India.

While it may seem appealing to collect seashells in pristine conditions, it is important to remember that not all seashells are marine. Beachcombers commonly pick up empty seashells from the shore. The majority of seashells sold commercially have been collected from the sea alive, were killed, and cleaned before being sold. This can have negative effects on the local ecosystem, reducing their distribution. For this reason, careful consideration should be given to where to purchase seashells.

Bamboo Souvenirs

The Nicobar Islands are a haven of bamboo crafts. Bamboo is found on all sides of the islands, and artisans there craft everything from cane bags to lampshades and masks. Other popular items are baskets and toys. Seashells are also prized in the islands, and artisans dive into the waters to collect and carve delicate shapes from them. The seashells are then used to make figurines and jewelry.

Bamboo products are not only decorative, but Eco-friendly. Because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, many tourists purchase products made from it in Siliguri. If you’re interested in Indian sculpture, a clay sculpture of the Hindu god Ganesha will make a great souvenir. These light-weight, cozy quilts were originally designed for the Rajasthani people who moved around. Bamboo is a unique material for making decorative items and souvenirs, and there are dozens of different styles to choose from.

Handmade wooden toys are another good souvenir. These wooden toys are usually made of soft wood and painted brightly. They’re usually decorated with motifs or images of mythological figures, but you can also find life-size elephants and other animals. These pieces make excellent souvenirs for friends and family. You can find them in markets and stores throughout Andhra Pradesh. You can even buy them as gifts when you come back home.

Mysore Silk

If you’re wondering where to find the best Mysore silk sarees, you’ve come to the right place. You can find them at the Government Silk Factory, the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation, and the Mall of Mysore. Don’t forget to try their local specialty, Mysore Pak. This sweet confection is made from sugar, flour, ghee, and love. Try rubbing it between your fingers. If you’re not sure whether or not the Mysore silk saree is authentic, you’ll know by the black residue.

Another popular place to buy Mysore Silk is in the saree market. South Indian silk has a long history of popularity, and is considered to be one of the finest fabrics in the world. The fabrics are used to create various apparel, chief among them the saree. The different types of silk vary in quality and design depending on the area of India, but Mysore silk is a premium type and is distinguished by its bright colours.

Sandalwood Articles

You may be wondering where to buy sandalwood in South India. The word “sandalwood” comes from the Sanskrit ‘chandana’ and means sandalwood. It has a high value as an ingredient in Hindu rituals and is used to make fine items, like images of deities and temple doors. The wood is also ground into a paste that is used for pujas and religious ceremonies. Sandalwood is said to have a cooling effect on the body and is used in anti-snab antidotes.

The red sandalwood logs are smuggled to China by higher-level smugglers. The wood is shipped to China via Malaysia, Dubai and Japan. It may also cross the China-Nepal friendship bridge, where it can be sold for as much as $245,000 per tonne. The process takes several months, and there are no guarantees of quality. You should make sure that you buy the wood only from trusted sources.

Pochampally Cotton

There are many reasons to buy a Pochampally Cotton saree. Whether you’re looking for a traditional style or a contemporary one, this textile is a popular choice for many Indian women. Ikat is a unique weaving process, in which designs are woven onto the yarn before the fabric is woven. The weaving technique started in Pochampally in the late 19th century, and today, it is one of the most popular sarees in India.

The traditional looms in Pochampally are being replaced by power looms, which require less manpower and time to produce. However, handloom cloth is far superior to its mill-made counterpart. It is also far stronger and more durable than its mill-made counterpart. Each piece of handloom cloth is unique, as the yarns are woven inch-by-inch. This adds richness to the texture.

The town of Pochampally lies on NH9, ahead of the Ramoji film city. Pochampally is known for its eponymous textiles. The town is famous for its unique variations of Ikat fabrics, which are made with the same technique as those used in traditional Indian textiles. The artisanship of this town has also led to the development of Ikat techniques in surrounding villages in Telangana.

Wooden Articles

If you are looking for some antique wooden items then South India would be the best place to buy them. These items are made from wood and decorated with ivory and polished finely to make them look like antiques. Apart from wooden items, South Indian crafts are highly demanded in the international market and in the domestic market. The artisans here make a variety of items from wood, ranging from jewellery to furniture. There are also various forms of art made from other materials such as paper, embroidery, and stone carving.

Since South India has an abundance of forests, the artisans here produce a variety of wooden articles. Sandalwood is widely used for making furniture, tableware, and accessories. Sandalwood carvings are particularly popular in Karnataka and Madurai. Other varieties of wood, like rosewood and kumbli, are also used to make decorative items. Some of the wood carvings that can be found here are of religious significance.

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