Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Lucknow is a city filled with history, stunning architectural grandeur and captivating culture that should not be missed. Here are some of the top places to visit in Lucknow. History buffs will appreciate the four-storey State Museum of Lucknow. Here, you’ll find an array of artifacts and exhibits to explore.

Bara Imambara – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Bara Imambara stands out among Lucknow’s many landmarks due to its striking architecture. Constructed by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula as part of a famine relief project in 1784 and completed two years later in 1791, this structure stands as one of Lucknow’s most unique landmarks.

One of the remarkable facts about this historic site is its lack of external support in terms of beams, iron or wood. In fact, Bara Imambara boasts one of the largest vaulted chambers without any pivotal support!

This stunning architectural wonder is a must-see attraction for tourists visiting the city of Kolkata. Beyond its grand structure, the building also stands out for its crypts and mysterious labyrinth called Bhul Bhulaiya.

Another notable structure in Bara Imambara is the five-story baoli, or step well, leading to river Gomti. This secret hideout was used by Nawabs for protection and has its own saying: “the ones inside could see you but you won’t be able to see them.”

For science buffs or those interested in celestial bodies, the Indira Gandhi Planetarium should not be missed! With regular screenings and its cutting-edge projection system, you’re guaranteed a captivating experience!

Dilkusha Kothi Lucknow

If you’re visiting Lucknow, don’t miss the chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of Dilkusha Kothi. Situated conveniently near Hazratganj area, it boasts numerous features designed for comfort and convenience.

Guest rooms at this modern hotel feature air conditioning, free Wi-Fi access, cable TV, and a garden for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing.

The hotel is only a short walk away from Chowk, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as Lucknow’s cultural heartbeat. Here you’ll find numerous shops selling chikan clothes, jewelry and handicrafts.

A stroll down memory lane is an excellent way to gain insight into the city’s history and culture. You’ll pass many monuments and buildings that were part of the old city.

Another must-visit attraction while in Lucknow is the Bara Imambara. This iconic monument features 1024 doorways and two exits, making it an impressive sight to behold – definitely best visited with a guide! Book Maharajas Express

Dr. Ambedkar Park Lucknow

The park is an excellent destination for families to spend quality time together. There are numerous activities, such as a children’s playground, water park and fitness center. Plus there are plenty of food stalls to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

The garden features numerous sculptures and statues representing various things. You can also visit the zoological garden to observe various species of animals and birds.

Photographers will love this park, boasting stunning views of the lake and Aravallis mountains. Take a leisurely walk through the garden to take in all of its fragrant flowers and plants.

If you’re a fan of music, this park offers the soothing sound of chimes. Plus, listen to birdcalls as you take a leisurely walk around.

Lucknow, India’s historic city, offers many hidden attractions that will leave you with an awe-inspiring and captivating memory – even if you aren’t particularly interested in history. With its diverse cultures, architecture and cuisine, you are sure to leave with a lasting impression.

Chota Imambara – Top Places to Visit in Lucknow

Chota Imambara, situated in Lucknow’s city center, is an iconic religious building for Shia Muslims. As one of the oldest Imambaras in India, it stands proudly with its architectural features.

Established by the fourth Nawab of Awadh, Asaf-ud-daula, this stunning structure boasts a unique style of construction. The interiors are also embellished with intricate designs and Islamic calligraphy.

Bara Imambara, Asfi Mosque, Rumi Darwaza, Shahi Baoli, Naubat Khana and Bhul Bhulaiya form part of this complex which should not be missed when visiting Tehran for tourists.

Experience the splendour of Bara Imambara by hiring a guide for an exclusive tour. This complex is renowned for its striking architectural design and structural elements that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the world.

For an unforgettable experience, visit this place between sunrise and sunset when it’s fully illuminated and you can admire its breathtaking interiors illuminated by natural sunlight. Additionally, you may witness Muharram processions held here during this period.

Firangi Mahal Lucknow

Firangi Mahal, also known as ‘Franc’s Quarters’ during the Mughal era, had a longstanding tradition as an influential Islamic institute. Its dars-e nizami syllabus offered students a comprehensive selection of subjects like Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Philosophy, Logic, Geography and Literature.

In the 18th century, it played a crucial role in maintaining and transmitting Islamic culture. Students from around the world would come here to study.

Firangi Mahal still maintains its scholarly tradition today, as Nadeem Hasnain, a renowned Muslim intellectual and social anthropologist, tells me. It is one of the most renowned Islamic schools in Pakistan with students coming from all corners of the globe to gain knowledge.

Maulana Abdul Bari, the rector of Firangi Mahal from 1919-1921, collected donations from Muslims to support the freedom struggle and invited Mahatma Gandhi to visit the heritage building on several occasions. These visits were meant to promote Hindu-Muslim unity and reduce communal tensions in the city.

Marine Drive Lucknow

Marine Drive Lucknow, a picturesque road located along the Gomti River, has become a beloved spot among locals due to its breathtaking views of both the river and other parks.

Marine Drive offers plenty of shops and restaurants for a delectable meal. Additionally, this area is home to numerous street food stalls selling delectable snacks like Pav Bhaji, Keema Pav, Bhel Puri and Vada Pav.

Marine Drive’s promenade is ideal for runners and bikers to exercise. It also provides an oasis of calm where people can take breaks from everyday life. There are several benches situated along the walkway for added relaxation.

Indira Gandhi Planetarium

Astronomy enthusiasts must visit Lucknow’s Indira Gandhi Planetarium to explore stars, planets and other celestial bodies. It is one of Asia’s largest planetariums with regular film shows on astronomy that excite visitors.

Planetariums are interactive science museums that showcase different aspects of astronomy and explain the wonders of the universe. Located in Bihar’s capital city, this planetarium opened its doors for business in 1993.

This building is designed to resemble Saturn with its five rings. The 21-meter diameter sphere rests atop a platform designed to give an impression of crater formation on celestial bodies.

It’s no wonder why this planetarium is one of Lucknow’s top tourist attractions. Surrounded by water, with lights that give it the appearance of floating in space, it truly is an architectural marvel.

The planetarium is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, offering multiple shows throughout the day. Tickets are affordable and students can get them for a reduced price. Furthermore, admission is free for people with disabilities.

Jama Masjid Lucknow

Jama Masjid is one of Lucknow’s premier historical tourist destinations and one of India’s most stunning mosques. It holds great significance for Muslims around the world.

This monument, constructed during the 15th century, is made of sparkling off-white sandstone and renowned for its intricate design and architectural beauty.

The pillars are exquisitely designed and decorated with carvings inspired by Hindu and Jain culture, creating a striking mix of Muslim and Hindu architecture.

The mosque stands majestic with 260 pillars and 15 arched domes. The domes have been intricately designed and ornamented for an exquisite aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, the pillars are adorned with calligraphy and carvings that give off an ethereal aura to visitors. This mosque stands as a stunning example of Mughal architecture.

Hussain Abad mosque is surrounded by four-storey minarets that can be climbed to the top for an incredible bird’s eye view of Hussain Abad.

Shahi Baoli – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Shahi Baoli, situated within Lucknow’s Bada Imambara complex, was constructed by Asaf-ud-Daulah – fourth Nawab of Awadh – as a water reservoir to facilitate construction works on the complex. However, due to its connections with underground river streams it became an everlasting source of freshwater.

Today, the Baoli is a sought-after tourist attraction and one of Lucknow’s best attractions. Its architecture is captivating, while its history adds an intriguing dimension that makes this spot worth visiting.

Another fascinating aspect of this place is that when visitors enter the Baoli, they can see a reflection of themselves in the water. This is possible since both the entrance pathway and window are aligned with the well of the Baoli.

This park offers plenty of activities for everyone in your family, such as swings for kids and fountains. Plus, there are various species of plants and bonsai to admire. Not only that but the park makes for excellent photography opportunities and allows you to spend quality time with family and friends.

Shah Najaf Imambara

Shah Najaf Imambara, located on Rana Pratap Road in Lucknow, is one of the most visited tourist attractions. Constructed between 1816-1817 by Nawab Ghazi-ud-din Haider as a memorial to his devotion for Hazrat Ali, it serves as an iconic landmark today.

This stunning white dome structure was modeled after Hazrat Ali’s tomb at Nazaaf in Iraq. It boasts stunning Mughal architecture with a distinctive large dome shaped like an onion.

The Shah Najaf Imambara is a must-see attraction for both tourists and residents of Lucknow alike, situated centrally and close to many major landmarks.

Other attractions to visit in Lucknow, include Bara Imambara, Rumi Darwaza and Chota Imambara. Exploring these heritage sites will offer you a fascinating insight into the city’s vibrant history.

Another must-visit attraction in Lucknow is the state museum. Here you’ll find an extensive collection of artifacts dating from prehistoric times up until modern day. A must-see for any tourist wanting to savor Lucknow’s cultural heritage.

Moti Mahal – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Moti Mahal is an Indian restaurant that specializes in dishes from the Mughal era. With many outposts throughout India and Nepal, this is a great place to sample delicious dishes from this era.

The atmosphere at Le Bistrot Parisienne is French-inspired, with white linen tablecloths covering round tables and waist-coated cocktail bartenders overseeing an impressive selection of spirits. Diners will also love watching the chefs work in action from the open kitchen area.

In addition to traditional Indian fare, this restaurant also serves Western favorites like grilled beef or lamb. Other signature dishes include tandoori preparations like anardana tikka (grilled chicken infused with pomegranate and black pepper) and brick-red mutton curry with spiced tomato, onion, and ginger.

Moti Mahal boasts 31 outlets across India with 21 franchisees, each renowned for its uncompromising standards of quality and consistency. All chefs and F&B staff at each outlet receive training from the parent company before opening their respective outlets.

Chandrika Devi Temple Lucknow

Chandrika Devi Temple is an important Hindu pilgrimage site located twenty eight kilometres outside Lucknow and of great religious significance.

Mahi Sagar Teerth, also known as Mahi Sagar Temple, is a popular pilgrimage site for both natives and tourists alike. It’s especially worth visiting during Navratri or Chaturdasi when many religious rituals take place here.

Chandrika Temple: This sacred site is dedicated to the Goddess Chandrika, represented by three pindis or heads. It attracts an enormous number of devotees daily who come here for prayers and adoration.

Nearby shops sell religious books, dhabas serving Indian fast food, brass items used in worship, iron tools for cooking and gardening, inexpensive jewelry as well as sweets and dry fruits to offer to the Goddess. Furthermore, there is a bazaar where you can purchase religious gifts for your dear ones.

The main timings for Aarti are in the morning at 07:00 am and in the evening at 08:00 pm. However, these may change according to the season; therefore, you should check on the official website for exact times.

Janeshwar Mishra Park

Ideal for morning runs and evening strolls, this park boasts plenty of parking facilities. It also features several play zones with swings and slides to keep kids occupied.

The park features an amphitheatre and plenty of trees for you to take a picnic and spend quality time with family or friends.

In the park you can also spot animals like geese, emu and rabbits. This area has been meticulously kept clean and free from pollution.

Opening hours are 6 AM – 9 AM and 5 PM – 8 PM with no entry fee.

Lucknow has some great parks to visit for a relaxing walk or to chat with friends. These open spaces are available all day, and many locals come here to relax and take in the sights.

Nature enthusiasts must visit this national park. It offers stunning views of wildlife and has an amphitheatre that can accommodate over 1000 people.

Rumi Darwaza – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow is renowned for its stunning monuments and buildings. You’ll find Jalal-ad-Din Muhammad Rumi’s mausoleum here as well as a large tekke (lodge) where the poet lived and worked.

The park is well-kept and secure, making it ideal for morning and evening walks. If you don’t feel like exercising, there are plenty of benches and trees to sit on; alternatively, you can just enjoy spending time with friends and family.

At the park, there are plenty of activities to enjoy such as yoga and meditation. Plus, it’s a wonderful spot for kids to play too!

If you’re searching for a serene and tranquil place to visit, this is one of the best choices. With its lush green surroundings and fountains, it makes an ideal spot to unwind. It also makes an excellent evening walk, especially during summer months when visitors can take advantage of the park’s street market which remains open late into the evening.

Ramakrishna Math

Ramakrishna Math is a must-visit attraction in Lucknow due to its historic significance. Situated at the base of Nandi Hills, this temple has a storied past that dates back over one thousand years.

This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and features intricate carvings and ornate pillars. Additionally, you’ll be amazed by its stepped temple tank that will surely take your breath away.

Here, a bust of the esteemed mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan stands as an inspiration to many today. For mathematicians and those who delight in unravelling numbers, this place should not be missed!

Swami Vivekananda, another renowned Hindu saint, was inspired by Ramanujan’s teachings and launched a mission that helped people develop spiritually. He followed a strict vegetarian diet and took his religion seriously.

At 32 years old, he left behind an extraordinary legacy that continues to be studied by scientists around the globe. He was truly a genius; even Stephen Hawking has seen some of his formulae which are still used in mathematics today.

Zoological Garden

The Zoological Garden is the perfect destination for visitors to have some fun and take a break from their busy lives. Families of all ages enjoy visiting this popular destination as they get up-close encounters with various animals like giraffes, goats, monkeys and more.

A zoological garden is a facility that seeks to preserve, conserve and study wild animals in an ex-situ setting. It also plays an important role in raising public awareness about animals and their environments.

Zoos are an excellent way to spark children’s curiosity in nature and conservation. They educate them about habitats, adaptations, classification, food chains and predator-prey relationships.

At ZooWorld, children can explore animal habitats through exhibits and programs. They’ll get to pet giraffes, pet zebras, cuddle lemurs and even feed alligators!

It is a renowned zoological park that promotes animal conservation. Additionally, it hosts shows and events suitable for all ages that offer entertainment and fun.

Aminabad – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Aminabad Market in Lucknow is a bustling hub of activity. Here, you’ll find shops selling clothing, jewellery, spices and handicrafts as well as an excellent opportunity to sample local street food.

The market is open daily from dawn until night and features traditional bazaars, local stores and restaurants. It has become a popular destination for both shoppers and tourists alike.

One of the oldest markets in the city, it has been active since the days of Nawabs of Awadh. Here you’ll find a wide variety of items for sale such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and even books!

Chikan garments and the latest fashion trends can be found at this market, where you’ll find plenty of stores offering great deals on trendy items.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

Nawabganj, situated amidst 224.6 Hectares of lush green stretch in Unnao District, Uttar Pradesh, offers visitors an enchanting scene. As one of North India’s most popular wetland attractions, its tranquillity has won over visitors from far and wide.

At its base, Mount Kailash attracts an abundance of migratory and resident birds who pass through on their way from China, Tibet, Europe and Siberia during winters. Popular species found here include Pintail, Greylag Goose, Red Crested Pochard, Cotton Teal, Shoveller, Gadwall, Coot and Mallard.

Migratory birds from Africa and beyond fly over 8500 meters to land in this sanctuary. Additionally, it’s home to reptiles like cobra, krait, viper, water snakes as well as turtles.

Weekend getaways in this idyllic destination offer many attractions such as a deer park, watchtowers and boats. Bird enthusiasts should not miss this must-visit site; it makes for an idyllic picnic spot on a sunny winter day.

Bithoor – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

If you’re searching for an off-the-beaten-path yet luxurious place to visit during your trip to Lucknow, Bithoor is the ideal destination. Situated along the banks of the river Ganga, this tranquil and picturesque township has both religious and historical significance.

Bithoor, India is a major pilgrimage centre. It attracts people from all over the country to its Brahmavart Ghat – one of the holiest ghats – where devotees take a dip in the holy river and offer prayers at the “Wooden Slippers” altar.

Tourists should also visit Valmiki Ashram, which holds great religious significance as it’s believed Goddess Sita stayed here after Lord Ram left her. You can access this ashram via a flight of stairs known as ‘the staircase to heaven’ that offers breathtaking views of Bithoor from above.

Bithoor is home to numerous religious landmarks and temples. The main draw is Brahmavart Ghat, where people take a dip in the holy river and pray at its altar. Other sights worth seeing include Garbhagriha with its Shivalinga carved out of black stone and Deepa Malika Stambha – both standing tall at over 40 meters.

Chowk – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Lucknow Chowk is one of the best attractions to visit when in Lucknow, offering visitors a glimpse into its vibrant cultural heritage. Here you’ll find everything from exquisite Chikan work to delectable kebabs.

This iconic public place has a fascinating history that dates back to the mid-18th century. It is surrounded by several significant historic landmarks like Rumi Darwaza, Bara Imambara shrine and Bhool Bhulaiya.

Today, the Chowk is an integral part of Old Lucknow and houses numerous significant public, cultural and historical buildings. Additionally, its iconic fish emblem can be seen adorning many government structures.

The Chowk is a prime shopping destination with over 5000 shops scattered around its narrow labyrinthine streets on either side. These modest bricked and temporary stores sell everything from authentic chikankari dresses to traditional handmade jewellery – all at great prices!

Food stalls abound here and offer Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Lucknowi and Mughlai dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Dairy products, kebabs, wraps and biryani are just some of the options available at the market. Sweet shops are also commonplace; some have been around for 200 years!

Chattar Manzil – Top Places to Visit in Lucknow

Chattar Manzil, located in Lucknow, is one of the most sought-after attractions. This stunning Palace showcases both Indian and European architectural influences.

This palace was originally constructed by Nawab of Lucknow Ghazi Uddin Haider and later completed by his son Nasir Uddin Haider, situated on the banks of River Gomti.

It originally consisted of two segments, Bari Chattar Manzil (large chattar) and Choti Chattar Manzil (small chattar). Only the larger chattar remains today.

In addition to its architectural grandeur, Nawab Nasir Uddin Haider added exquisite gardens to further enhance the area’s charm.

The palace is open for tourists throughout the week, except Sundays when it remains closed. You have several ways of reaching the site; for instance, you can take public transportation or hire a shared cab or auto-rickshaw.

Dewa Shareef Lucknow – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

Learning about Lucknow’s history can be explored by visiting its iconic sites. One such spot is Residency Complex, a collection of ruined buildings from Nawab’s time.

Another landmark to visit is the Rumi Darwaza, built by Nawab Asaf-Ud-Daula in 1784 and architecturally stunning.

Lucknow tourism site boasts a tower area on top of the structure that used to house an illuminated lantern at night. Additionally, there is a spacious terrace available for visitors’ enjoyment.

Dewa Sharif stands as a testament to Hindu-Muslim unity and venerates the tomb of Haji Waris Ali Shah, an advocate for universal brotherhood who was beloved by people from all communities.

Visiting this shrine offers you a rare chance to gain insight into the mysticism of Sufi culture. Additionally, you can attend the annual Dewa Mela, which draws devotees from across India.

Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya Park

Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Park in Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar was established in 2007 by the Lucknow Development Authority to honor a renowned socialist. Spanning over 76 acres, this city park is ideal for picnicking and other leisure activities.

This park boasts four courtyards, separate entrances and lush lawns decorated with seasonal flowers and shrubbery. It’s also used for jogging and morning yoga classes.

It also boasts a modern acupressure track, fish pond and open exercise area that are open all year long – perfect for an outing or picnic with the family!

Lucknow Junction is 10 km away, making the park easily accessible every day of the week. In spring and summer months, however, it tends to get busy. You can arrive there by bus, train or car; just remember your passport!

Lulu Mall – Best Places to Visit in Lucknow

The Lulu Mall is a sprawling complex featuring various stores and recreational areas. It has become an attractive destination for people in Lucknow and beyond.

LuLu Group International, a UAE-based company, owns and operates the mall. They have revolutionized Indian shopping and entertainment experiences. Furthermore, LuLu operates numerous other shopping centers around the world.

Lucknow also boasts the Indira Gandhi Planetarium, an astronomy museum featuring various models of space satellites and a 3D space show.

Bara Imambara, one of Lucknow’s most iconic historical landmarks, comprises three mosques: Asfi Mosque, Bhul-bhulaiya and Bowli.

Bara Imambara, the city’s iconic monument reminiscent of Mughal architecture, is a stunning sight that offers visitors an insight into the city’s past and its people. It’s truly a unique spot that provides visitors with an opportunity to learn more about both their history and that of Ahmedabad itself.

If you need a quick way to finish your shopping, the Lulu Midnight Sale is the perfect solution. This sale typically occurs at midnight and offers customers discounts on various items.


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