Duration:- 01 DAY

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You start early in the morning from the hotel in Agra. Drive for almost two hours in a private luxury car in Agra. You will have a chance to explore the real India and the Farmland. On your arrival you will be served the Soft drinks. Now the boat tour of the Chambal river starts with an expert naturalist. This Sanctuary is a home for Crocodile, Alligators and various species of land and water birds. Both sides of the river are flanked by the ravines of Chambal and hundreds of Alligators and Crocodile are visible on the sandy islands of the river. These water species enjoy basking in the sun and you can seek pleasure by watching them and capturing their picture. Besides you can see dancing dolphins at same points. After enjoying this safari we arrange for you sumptuous lunch in a resorts.

On you way back you have a chance to see Bateshwar Temples. There are more than 100 temples in a series. Some of the major temples are still intact and some other are in dilapidated condition. You can see the principal temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has thousands of bells and chains. Continue drive to Agra and expereince the Agra Day Tour Packages. Overnight at the hotel in Agra.